The Teaser That's Supposed to Bring Happiness


Teaser Teaser, Italian Dinner

No, this is not a recipe. Yes, this is my entry for @needleworkmonday's community challenge. Although that is my first clue. This is once again, a project for my one and only daughter. She wasn't feeling very well these past few days. I'm thankful now that she's up and about and is back to her usual lively, witty, hyperactive self. Just in time for me to draft an entry for the community challenge. I was on 24/7 health patrol during the days she was sick, so I made myself productive by crocheting something for her. Now that she's 90% feeling better, the project is also at 90% completion.

I am excited about this project because, once again, this one is another product of my imagination. The pattern is pretty easy though which I will share with you guys next week on the reveal.


What makes this project even more special is because this is the first time I'm using three different yarn types for the project: Acrylic, mercerized, and polyester yarns. I didn't know these yarns could work perfectly together in a single project. Although each of them was used separately, they all make up the entirety of the finished product. The different colors and textures added to its beauty. If you have a toddler, you know that colorful is almost always perfect.


I can't wait to finish this project and see it in action. Out of excitement, I showed it to my kid the other day. She was actually feeling sad because she's still not allowed to go outside even to go up to our hangout at the rooftop. So I told her that I have something that will surely make her happy.

Me: Don't cry. Let me show you something. I'm sure this will make you feel happy.

Kiddo: What is it?

Me: (showing the unfinished project) TADAAAA!

Me again: Although it's not finished yet.

Kiddo: Wow! This does make me happy. But just a little bit. You know what would make me really really happy?

Me: What?

Kiddo: A finished one.

So yeah, the kiddo isn't 100% happy with the teaser. I hope you guys are.


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