Pumpkin Earrings... Or are They?

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It's just a few days before Halloween. My first project as a needleworker was my daughter's Moana costume. This was the project that brought back the spark for my love of crocheting. I can't remember how many times I needed to frog the Moana costume. I even felt frustrated and thought I wouldn't make it in time. I started the halloween costume early September that year. I completed it just a few days before the halloween party we were attending.

Later on, I found out that the yarn I used for it was not really intended for wearables. I felt really sorry for my kid because after the event, she was complaining that her back was itchy. I learned a lot from that project. I found my crochet mojo - my crojo if you may. I learned that patience is one of the main traits needed to complete a project. Apparently, I haven't really learned everything.

For this year, because of the current predicament that the whole world is facing, it looks like all parties and gatherings are either cancelled or has strict rules to be observed.

I still wish to make something related to the ocassion and so I decided to make a pumpkin earrings. At least that's what I planned. The thing about making earrings is that you got to make two pieces of them. The first one I made looked like a pumpkin to me. But for some reason, when I finished the second one, they both looked like mandarin oranges.

This may partly (or mainly) be because I made them too small. The rationale behind this is that these are earrings. If they're too big, and heavy, it might hurt the ears. LOL. I made dangling earrings a lot but I don't really wear them too much because I think it pulls my ears down. I'm not sure if other girls feel the same way too but I'm cool with just the stud earrings and/or really light dangling ones.

I made a video which was supposed to be a tutorial but seeing as it did not come out as I expected it to be, I felt like this would not be a very good tutorial video. So this video is just for entertainment purposes only. I just don't want the film/tape to be wasted (so 90's).

Anyways, the original intent was to make this a Halloween themed needleworkmonday entry for me but it turned out to be a new year needleworkmonday entry. I thought this was really simple and easy to make. I underestimated this small project. The process was pretty elementary. I thought that since I have gained some experience in the field of amigurumi, I got this one in the bag. Well, I thought wrong.

Just like any amigurumi, this one starts with the magic ring, followed by increases to make a circle

There are a lot of things that went wrong actually. I showed it to my sister. She's not a crocheter but her talent in nail art is unparalleled. She told me that I should have used black yarns for the ribs to make the rinds more visible. I should have added some vines. And pumpkin leaves weren't shaped like that. I should have known that by now since I have pumpkin plants on my mini food forest.

The mandarin orange earrings still turned out cute. Hilarious, but cute. Everytime I look at them, I can't help but giggle a little bit. And that's what't really important when you are crafting something, right? That it makes you happy?

Ok, really, I'm just making myself feel a little better. I like the earrings because I made them. But I love them because I learned something. Would I wear them? Most probably on new year. LOL.

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