NeedleworkMonday Freeneedling Challenge: Crochet Sunflower Earsaver

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No, I didn't really actually finish the entire thing in 20 minutes. I am a sloth crocheter, I usually take my time when making my projects. The main reason being that I learned my lesson not to rush my projects lest, I'll end up having to frog my entire work or being disgusted/disappointed/discontented with my finished project, seeing all the mistakes I made just because I wanted to complete it in haste. Another reason is that my crocheting spirit has its own schedule and will. I am a homeschooling mom, needing to complete all the housechores but still wanting to get hold of that crochet hook and yarn but still feeling drained after all the tasks in my to-do list.

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This was the pieces I finished during my freeneedling time. I am used to measuring how long it will take for me to finish a project, not set a timer and create one within that allotted time. I tried to set a time limit before, but I always end up saying, "Just one more row, and then I'll stop." or "Just one more episode, and then I'll stop." That's when I binge watch while crocheting. or "Just one more battle, and then I'll stop." That's when I play Splinterlands while crocheting. Most of my win streak happens when I'm crocheting while playing.

Crocheting has been my zen, I almost always turn to crocheting when times get tough. I would normally bring my current WIP with me anywhere I go because crocheting is almost as good as listening to music while waiting at the cashier in the grocery store, or waiting for your turn in the clinic, or even during the commute to wherever I would go.

My mind wanders off to somewhere else whenever I start crocheting. As soon as I got the gist of what I'm trying to do, I start thinking about other things. Most of the time, it's the projects I plan on doing after I'm done with what I'm working on. Once I stop fantasizing about my next projects, I would go on thinking about the chores I have to do when I'm done with my daily crochet session - which I keep at a minimum of two hours.

While making this project for the freeneedling challenge, I have my little one right beside me, both of us busy with our own stuff. She's building her castle made out of building blocks, while every now and then calling out to me to tell me what's going on with her kingdom. She has lots of stories everyday. Today, her kingdom was visited by aliens. At first, the elves and the fairies thought the aliens were evil and wants to take over the world, but it turns out they just want to be friends.

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I'm glad to participate with the freeneedling challenge this week because I have been looking for ways to free up some space in my yarn stash. I have milk cotton yarns in my cart already just waiting for the right time to click on the Place Order button. I can't right now because my husband has been lowkey asking me about the yarns I've been holding on to. I agree with him that I went a little overboard with ordering polyester yarn back in 2019 and 2020. There was a sale! And the colors were lovely. Thought I didn't have a project in mind back then, I still wanted to have those colors. Besides, my seller gave me free yarn cakes too.

Another reason why I accumulated a lot of yarns is my inability to estimate how much yarns I'm going to need for a project. Last December, I ordered way too much red yarns for the MTO I accepted. For my Belle dress project, I also purchased more yarn cakes than I actually needed. In my mind, I thought it's better to have more yarns than to have the trouble of having to delay my project completion just because I ran out of the yarns I needed. It was a good plan until it was not.

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I'm a sucker for sunflowers. It started when I watched the anime Samurai Champloo some years ago. The sunflowers just looked so beautiful. It always looks so happy and uplifting. Maybe it's because it looks like the sun. I started crocheting again since 2018 and most of the projects I made are gifts I give to my loved ones, mostly for my daughter. Seldom do I make projects that are intended for me. And when I do make ones for me, I forget to make me a sunflower piece. Thanks to the extra yarns I hoarded from my MTOs, I was able to have a set of yarn colors that are perfect for a sunflower.

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Last year, I made crochet earsavers for the frontliners on the hospitals near my area. I made one for myself and my daughter too. I decided I'd make one for me with a design that's near my heart. It just looks redundant though when I wear it because I have a sunflower tattoo on my nape. But meh, that's how much I love sunflowers. Because of this project, I am planning on making sunflower themed projects (curtains, fridge cover, and table runners) for our house. All I need is for my crocheting spirits to agree with my plans, and it's good to go. You know how it is when you have a current MTO but your heart and mind is really asking you to work on a project you have in mind? That's the drive that I'm counting on in finishing all those projects I have in mind. Hopefully, they translate from my head into actual beautiful sunflower themed pieces.

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