Crochet Crop Top Set

It's a few days before christmas and kids are very much excited about new clothes, gifts, and plenty of food. This was supposed to be my #needleworkmonday post but it did not feel right to write anything yesterday.

Last Sunday I was really feeling great about a lot of things. I have finished the MTOs I accepted. I have completed the second outfit ensemble. So much has happened with this outfit. It was supposed ro be an off shoulder dress and I have completed it a few days after I sent the first dress I made. But then come fitting time, this second dress does'nt fit the kid. It was really frustrating because I have made the dress according to the measurements I took. But of course, something always has to go wrong. And way to learn about it at the last minute.

And so I had to make a quick fix. But how? I tried making a bigger dress, but it doesn't look super. I wouldn't want to sell it the way it looked with the oversized measurements and all.

And so I decided to slash the dress into half (not literally). I almost cried as I was starting the crop top, a tear most probably fell when I was frogging the top part of the dress. It's a good thing I made the dress from waist down then from waist up. I did not really plan on making a crop top + skirt combination but it was a brilliant idea.

One more thing that stressed me out was that I only remembered to inform my client about the change of design as I was crocheting the chains for the ties at the back of the adjustable crop top. That's the final step of the freehanded croptop I just made! What kind of crocheter does that? Way to go Romeskie! Great business practices right there. NOT! It was too late to back out now. If the client says no, I will have to come up with another design. And I am getting more frustrated by the minute. If they say yes, that would be perfect. But I can't leave anything to chance now. It's almost Christmas and I haven't wrapped the presents (not that I have too many to wrap though, I won't be meeting half of my nephews this year)

And so hello freebies! @rowee22 gave me a pattern for crochet facemask. I just modified it and made it adjustable and had it match the entire ensemble. My client's kid's OOTD will be super cool! I showed them the photo and they absolutely loved it! It made me so happy.

These past few days has not been so peachy but I am thankful that even though I was stressed out with the MTO, I still am doing something I love. My hobby not only helped me make some few bucks, it also helps keep me sane with all that's been happening. The world is so messed up right now. The holidays this year isn't as exciting and full of wonders as it used to be but I very much envy the children for their innocence and just for being oblivious about the terrible things that happen around us. I just hooe nobody robs them of that happiness during these holidays. I know the spirit is a bit low, but as adults, it is our duty to keep the kids full of hope, full of wonder, full of joy.

@romeskie is a full-time stay at home mom juggling homeschooling, crocheting, and homemaking. A Business Administration graduate with a major in Marketing who ended up in the contact center industry, on the frontlines, climbing her way up to Workforce Management where she found her passion in real-time analysis and management. A once self-proclaimed careerwoman who soon realized homemaking was her real calling. Her passion varies from reading, writing, photography, and most of all, crocheting.

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