Crochet Christmas Decors

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September has been a rough start for me and my family. Truly, it is difficult to take care of other human beings when you yourself is needing the care too. Both my husband and I got sick and what happened to us at the start of the month tested our promise to be with each other in sickness and in health. It was amazing, actually. How our teamwork proved that we can go through anything and still come out of it stronger together.

I planned on posting about this on the first Monday of September. Afterall, here in the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas as early as September. As for me, Christmas season is my favorite season which is why I am preparing our decors as early as August. This joyous season somehow brings me joy and brings back most of my fondest childhood memories.


Back in 2018, I made quite a few Christmas decors. Looking at the designs, it's obvious that I am just starting to relearn my skills in crocheting. Even so, these crochet Christmas decors have been used for the last Christmases since 2018, 2019, last year, and for sure will be used for this year along with the new designs.

This is one of those times when I find satisfaction in knowing that I have learned a lot in the past years. I sure am a couple more steps away from where I started. It was a slow journey, and I have made quite a few disappointing projects (which I felt really shameful to share with anybody), but I know I have learned a lot over the past few years.

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I mentioned earlier that I have planned on making a post about this project on the first Monday of September. I also have planned on marketing these to my friends and colleagues but my health had other plans for me so I needed to forego those plans. Although, it is still in my desire to upgrade our Christmas tree for this year. I am still contemplating on when I am going to put up our tree. It is a custom here in our country that once the -ber month starts, we start our quarter long Christmas celebration. Christmas starts as early as September and ends as late as January/early February. That's how long the consumerism for this holiday takes place. It's no wonder a lot of foreign business people likes to invest in our country. Hopefully, I finish all my pending deliverables, I will push through with my plans on selling these Christmas ornaments.

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Creating these Christmas decors is really quite simple. I used acrylic yarns for this project. As usual, I put the lesson I learned about the perfect crochet circle to use with this one. I also used single crochets for this project. To make the Christmas balls, I made use of continuous stitch. This is another project that I can proudly say that I made without any patterns to follow. I literally wrote the patterns in my notebook, and I am so happy about it.

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I showed my project to my mom and she absolutely loved it. I told her I would make a video tutorial for her to make her own decors. She told me she doesn't want the videos, and that she just needs me to send her one of the decors and she will copy it. I'm not even sure I could copy a project just by looking at it, but it seems that my mom learned most of her patterns before by just looking at other projects. It may be how most crocheters make their projects. It's not easy for me though. Or maybe I do not have enough patience to look at projects and try to copy it.

I'll be sending her some samples once I ship the MTO I am working on for her neighbor. I'm sure she'll make more beautiful Christmas decors.


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