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Less than a month from now will be my kiddo's birthday. We're not planning a big party since there's still the pandemic but that's not stopping me from creating something special for her day. When we started our homeschooling journey, Youtube videos have been a big help in our learning processes. Of course, I make sure that the contents she watches are appropriate for her age and are fully educational. Recently, she's been obsessed with Blippi.

Just in case you don't have any idea who I'm talking about, go ahead and search for his name. B-L-I-P-P-I! Blippi! (That's actually his sorta catch phrase at the end of hos videos.) He's a grown man, with a high-pitched voice and overly enthusiastic energy showing kids pretty much anything from tractors, to baking, making ice cream, and so much more. His videos are like virtual field trips from museums, to factories, to play places all around the US.I'm pretty sure my kid's list of places to visit is composed of the different states of the US. I might also want to go to a place or two from his videos.

I found out about his videos a couple of years ago when a former colleague asked if I could make her friend's kid a Blippi set. Since that did not push through, I tried making one for my daughter.

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For this project, I used milk cotton yarn. This is the first time I used this yarn and I am very much in love with the texture. My daughter likes it too because it's not itchy on her skin according to her. Plus, I am amused with the wordplay that Yarns Antipolo did with their branding: Amazeballs. It pretty much is amazeballs, I agree with them. And I am sure I will be ordering more of these for my kid's wearables.

The Crochet Blippi costume is actually another variation of the perfect circle. Over the past years, I have been insecure with how my circular projects looked like. Until I found out how to make the perfect crochet circle. And the more confident I got, the more I am comfortable breaking down the process, and making variations like the crochet toy pizza project I made a couple of weeks ago.

The ensemble is composed of the hat, the suspender, and the bow tie. My daughter's OOTD though on her birthday will be a female version of Blippi so there will be a slight difference.

For the hat, I started with magic ring, then made 6 SC's into the ring. Those 6 sc's were the division for each color switch of the hat. Each sc will be the "tip" for each "slice" of the alternating blue and orange "slices" on the hat. I just increased the stitches until I reached the size I needed for the hat. Then closed it off with hdc's using the orange Amazeball yarn by Yarns Antipolo.

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The bow tie is composed of hdc's. I just kinda made rectangle of hdc's then tied the middle part. I was actually unsure if I should make a bow tie for this ensemble because I wanted to make it her own version of the Blippi costume. But then again, I figured, it's just a small tie, why not make it anyways. If in case I change my mind, I could simply add it on a headband, et voila, no yarns wasted. But seeing the entire outfit now, I am 80% sure this will be included in the attire.

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As always, one of my challenges when making something new is determining what a particular material is called. I have already ordered the hooks online when I figured out that those clips on the suspenders are called suspender clips. I know, it was obvious. But for the love of me, I had a million things in my mind that time, it just didn't occur to me that the clips on the suspenders are called suspender clips.

Anyways, the suspender is composed of treble crochets. Just because I want to use tr's every now and then. Plus, it's much quicker to get the desired length and more efficient with treble crochets. I started with 6 hdc's on the hooks, then followed it with tr's on each stitch working my way up to the length I wanted to achieve. I made two of these. I am now getting over the dreaded crochet pairs. One of the reasons I wanted to finish quicker, thus US ng trebles, was because I wanted to complete the pair in one sitting. That's the only way I can make the pairs as identical as can be, tension-wise.


Oh well, it doesn't matter now because it's already completed. My husband bought orange glasses which will look perfect on the mandatory birthday pictorial. I love how this project became a group effort all of a sudden. Little by little, I am getting my husband to participate in my crochet creations more and more. I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days, he will pick up a crochet hook and ask for a tutorial. I know it will be a challenge since I'm a left hander, but I will still look forward to that.

I may have gotten a thing or two wrong in this costume, but my daughter loves her Crochet Blippi Costume. My husband pitched in on the concept and completion. And that to me is perfection.


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