A Personal Amigurumi Challenge: Alice in Wonderland Doll

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Last month, I gave myself a little challenge. I am a slow crocheter not only because I count slow, I have to repeat my stitches over and over again, but also because I usually end up putting down my current WIP to work on other stuff. So when September started, I gave myself the challenge of finishing an amigurumi 60cm long for three days. I actually thought I could pull this off. For day one, I was actually able to finish up to the head of the doll. For day two, I was just finishing up the skirt, shoes, and arms. On day three, however, when I was about to work on the hair and the finishing touches, I started getting sick. This is why this three-day challenge became a three-week job.

Start at the Bottom and Move Upward

I got the pattern from a mobile app for amigurumi patterns called LovelyCraft Patterns. I did not realize that this app has been installed on my phone for a long time without actually making any of the projects in there. I decided on making the Alice in Wonderland doll mainly because I just bought my daughter the book and we've been reading it for sleeping time over and over again. Why not hold the doll too while we read the story at night.

The pattern starts from the bottom. Coincidentally, this pattern is seen at the bottom of the list on the app. I had to scroll down a couple of times before I found it and decided to start working on it. Yet again, coincidentally, it also symbolizes my crocheting journey, particularly my amigurumi training. I remember making a voodoo doll looking amigurumi late last year or early this year. It was embarrassing to even just think about how it looked like. That was one of my first few attempts of making an amigurumi doll without using a pattern. That voodoo doll looking amigurumi creation actually led me to creating my Belle doll and my Ninja Amigurumi. But I realized that I needed more experience and training before I could create an amigurumi doll based on my own pattern. At least something I would be very proud of.

Try Not to Lose your Head

In making a crochet amigurumi, it is important to be patient, and not panic lest you'll end up frogging your work, losing count, and then starting over. I did this on this project when I was just starting to make it. Reading the pattern needs focus and concentration. Especially to new ones in crocheting. Though I have learned crocheting when I was a kid, I never really practiced and had to relearn that skill some 3 years ago. Besides, the crochet techniques I learned were fairly basics.

Crocheting amigurumi is something one needs to commit to. Focus, determination, and patience are important traits one needs to have in order to finish a project. Not that have all of those traits at all times, but then I am very much determined to complete this project.

Crowning Glory

On all of my projects, there always seems to be a portion of it that I least like. Most of the time, I dislike weaving ends off. I am always stressed out because I'm not sure if I'm doing it right and if the ends will hold and not unravel over time. There are several techniques I found in the internet on how to properly weave ends off.

On this Alice in Wonderland Amigurumi project though, weaving ends off is the least of my problems. Weaving the hair strands into the head proved to be a struggle. I thought this was gonna be one of the easiest parts. Cutting the yarns one by one for long strands of hair was not an enjoyable task for me, let alone weaving each of them onto the top of the head. Then giving Alice a haircut to make sure she has equal lengths of hair all over, preparing her for her headband. For this part of the project, I had to make sure that the little kiddo is already asleep, otherwise, I'll end up having to give updates every 3 minutes to a tiny little human asking if the doll is finished or not yet.

Skirt, Apron, and Shoes

The skirt, however, is my favorite part. The way the skirt slowly shows its form as I work is highly amusing. I love the ruffle and the edging. The process is also so easy, I just have to do the same stitch over and over again until I reach the length I desired. It made me really happy.

The apron is a mark that the Alice in Wonderland amigurumi is almost done. I'm just working on the finishing touches. And that tiny little piece of clothing is really cute. Attaching it to Alice felt like just playing with the doll itself.

Alice in Wonderland Amigurumi (16).png

To be honest, I thought I was never going to be able to finish this personal amigurumi challenge. I was stuck in bed for almost two weeks when I got sick in the middle of this project. Needless to say, not wanting my unfinished projects to be my only legacy helped give me more desire to get well right away. That, and of course my strong desire to see my daughter grow up. I kept thinking about all the projects I have yet to finish and all those I haven't started but are on my to project list. I am fortunate that I got well. Right now, my daughter is happily playing with the Alice in Wonderland amigurumi doll I made for her while I am happily starting another new project.


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