Women's Day Challenge

March 8th is International Women's Day. It has a different meaning and importance for everyone. In socialist countries, it was often an "official" day imposed from above, with artificial traditions. Today, it's a day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

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Like a lot of things and situations, Women's Day is what we make of it. Let's "Seize the Day" - and here in the Needlework Monday community that means: Let's craft!

The Challenge

Take out your needles and make something connected with the International Wommen's Day. Feel free to use your imagination - it can be something typical for a woman, something that shows what being a woman means to you, something that you think a woman should have, something that makes you think of a specific woman important to you for whatever reason, something related to traditions or to the (better?) future...

This year March 8th is a Monday - so let us meet in two weeks' time here on NeedleWorMonday and show each other what this day of action means to us, what it inspires us to do. Besides the usual tags let's use #IWD2021 (especially in other social media), so that our contribution joins others all around the world to form a picture of women's live.


The Rules

  • Tell us why this is your project for the International Women's Day.

  • It's the Needleworkmonday Community, so your project must be needlework which means a needle is used in the creation process.

  • Your entry has to be posted directly to the NeedleWorkMonday Community!

  • Please leave a link to your challenge entry below in the comments of this post, so it's easier to find for us and others.

  • Don't forget the other rules for NWM posts - word count etc.

Deadline is March, 8th - there will be small prizes for all eligible entries. And now: On your Needles, get set, go!

IWD 2021

The 2021 UN theme for International Women's Day is "Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world". Women are bearing the brunt of the hardships the pandemic puts us through, both in their private lives and professional, be it in health care or community work. Homeschooling, difficulties with restricted shopping options and often lower funds - all of these things are an additional burden on often already overworked women.

Posters made by New Zealand's Working Women’s Resource Centre in 1993 to commemorate the centennial of women’s suffrage. Here you can see them full size to read (Attention - big picture).