NeedleWorkMonday’s Four Week Community Comment Drive


Hello lovely creatives!

Starting next Monday on October 5th we are running a Foυr Weeĸ Coммυɴιтy Coммeɴт Drιve!!

We are challenging you to comment on at least 3 fellow needle artists’ posts every Monday. Those of you who comment will be entered into a drawing to win:

3 HBD!

Every week a new winner will be drawn and announced in our weekly featured showcase.

Rules for Eligibility

  • Must comment on at least 3 separate needlework posts on Monday's in October (5th, 12th, 19th and 26th)
  • The posts you comment on must have been submitted directly to the NeedleWorkMonday Community
  • Must be a quality and thoughtful comment of support, encouragement and/or appreciation of what you read.

We will not accept generic comments such as “great job”, “nice work” “good read” etc. We are looking for more heartfelt and engaging responses.

Every Monday you comment in the community you will be eligible to enter the drawing for that week as long as you have followed the rules listed above.

We are hoping this challenge encourages you to interact more with your fellow needleworkers. Each of us knows how much work and heart we put into publishing our work. Receiving uplifting feedback of affirmation, support and appreciation goes a very long way. It motivates us to continue doing what we do ;)

Leт’ѕ eɴcoυrαɢe oɴe αɴoтнer αɴd coммeɴт αwαy! We looĸ ғorwαrd тo ѕeeιɴɢ α мoɴтн oғ мore eɴɢαɢeмeɴт αɴd ιɴpυт!

Tune in every Wednesday/Thursday this month to our featured posts for the Winners Announcement!

Thank You ~

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If you have any questions you can reach out to anyone on our leadership team:

Founder @crosheille

Admin @muscara

Admin @marblely

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