Showcasing some of my needlework all about car seat

Hello everyone

How are you all doing this new week? I hope you all are doing great. I am so happy to be one of the members of this great community, and I feel so much happiness whenever I post here. This community has motivated me enough in many ways.
I can remember before I didn't use to take photos of my work, but since I joined this community, I have been trying my best to do so, and this really helps me, in that if a customer asks to see some samples of my work, I will be proud to show him as many as possible.
I really learn a lot from this community through the posts other people make, and others also learn from me, which really motivates me.
I am about to go to sleep after coming back from work, so I just decided to share with you all some of the amazing work I have done. Just go through and leave a comment if you love them.

What can you say about this? I hope it all looks nice and beautiful; please appreciate my handwork; it is not easy.
As I have mentioned before, I am a civil engineer. I made first class in school, but I am not currently practicing it after spending 5 years in school because of the economy of my state. If you don't have hand work, you are on your own. That is why I chose to learn upholstery for another 2 years, but at last I made it to one of them today.
With my work, I can manage with my family, so hand work is very good, so it is nice to have at least one skill you can do with your hands. So my dear friend, let me drop my pen here.
Good night, I love you all, and I'll see you all tomorrow with good health.

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