needlework: the completion of the Hixus seat by @mosesessien

Hello guys

How are you all doing today, I hope you all are doing pretty good and if you ask of me I am doing great. Today I really appreciate the almighty God for the successful reupholster of an Hilux seat, it was stressfully and at the same to full of joy because at the end it support my package.
I posted the starting of the work on Monday and I promise to post the completion of it has soon has I finish it. The owner of the seat was so happy because the seat was amazing and he even promise to bring more work for me and with this he make me his customer.
I started working on the seat on Friday and I get through with it on Wednesday which is today, it took me 5 days to finish it, it was not easy but I really thank God is successful. I suppose to post this before now but my phone get spoil and I just fix it back now .it cause be 40HBD. Every day wahala.

Here are the finished seat I work on

Seat inside car

Here is the front few of the Hilux

Here are the seat before

i have it post here the steps I follow to make the two front seat and today I will love to post the steps I follow to achieve the back seat also although it's the same procedure.

Tools/material used

  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • sucket spanner of difference sizes
  • star and flat scroll driver
  • pliar
  • clips
  • scissors
  • gum
  • chalk
  • long range
  • sewing tape
  • roof material
  • new leather. Etc

Stages followed
I use sucket spanner to loose the seat from the car to my shop.

After that I now cut a sample of the old fabric to get a new one at the market so that it match with other interior of the car. Here is the leather I am using.

Then I loose the back seat from the main seat with the help of my spanners

I then use sewing tape to take the measurement of the seat consider the vertical and the horizontal length of each joining on the seat.

I now transfer the measurement to the new leather with the help of my sewing tape

Then I now use scissors to cut it out .

After I cut the new leather out I now proceed in forming the pattern I am going to use, simple by placing the cut material on the old seat and then shape it out to form a new pattern

Then I place the new pattern on a roof to make it smooth and stronger/think

Then I finally cut it out for sewing

Sewing process
After cutting out my new pattern, I now use my sewing machine to join my pattern together to form my new seat leather

The reupholst process
After sewing the seat cover I now cover the seat with the new sew leather using clip to clip it to the frame.

Final process
After covering the seat I now tight it back has before to have the final result shown below

Wow this was amazing, God was with me from the start to the end. I will be happy to see your comment.
Thanks you so much for stopping by and for your support I appreciate yo

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