DIY post on the transformation of a old dump car seat to look new

Hello guys

How are you all doing today, I hope you all are doing great. Today is Monday and the last Monday of the month of November and it is also my birthday day. Today is a very special day to me and the entire members of this amazing communities, where we are to present our needle work to the world and I am very happy to be one of the people that participate.

But before anything I wish my humble self a happy birthday and long life with good health. Please wish me too your wishes is important to me.

Back to the business of the day, has Christmas is on the corner many people are making some arrangements to fix their car seat so that the can travel with their family to their village, so today I am sharing with you all a car seat brought to me by one of my customer for me to work on.

Here is the finished seat

Here is the seat before

This seat is something else even me my self was Afraid if I will be able to work on it. This seat has been abandon for many yes without being used and all the fabric cut off and the seat has not shape again, but to God be the glory it was successfully done and at least someone can manage it. Hope you love the out come of it.
Let me share some steps we follow to make this work a successful one

Firstly choose the fabric you are using and make sure it match with other interior parts. We are using this has our new fabric



Secondly bring out the car seat from the car and then move it to the shop
Measure out each of joining ie how u want it to be or remove the whole fabric and cut out from the sewing where it was join and place in on the new fabric and cut it out.
After u place the new fabric you cut out on a form and gum it together and the cut it out


After cutting it out you now join them together careful following the formal design with the help of sewing machine and then use form to replace some part that was cut out


Then you Now cover it and clip them where it is necessary and finally u will achieve this


Hope this is wow! And please don't forget to wish me happy birthday, I love you all
Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

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