I was practically naked( A true life story) , diy of a cute turban hat

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Today I learnt that if the things you need does not push you to work hard then you don't necessarily need those things in the first place

This is quite true for me, I was pushed very hard and had to wake up to reality work hard and strive to live an independent life.

Growing up as a child I can count the number of clothes I have and the shoes was only one almost all the time. We didn't have that luxury of living a buoyant life with more than one pair of shoes.

The only time we get to have new clothes is at Christmas when our parents struggle hard and used up the savings just to get us something nice to wear to church and that was it for the whole year.

If you had a good shoe from last year you won't get a new pair this year and unless one is completely damaged you won't get a new one. πŸ‘‘πŸ‘’πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ž

I might include some of my Christmas outfit dressing for you to see how we enjoyed and celebrate new clothes only on Christmas day, our joy is usually filled with the season and newness.

Our parents couldn't afford any new clothes and we rally round the old ones, sewing and patching any tear.

We weren't hungry because we were farmers and will work out our food from the soil, that way hunger was kept away but we sure have other needs.

I remember my mum keeping older babies clothes for the younger ones once they outgrow it.
If I have a dress and outgrow it, I will pass this to my younger female siblings. πŸ‘—πŸ‘š
And so it was with having babies, she often kept babies clothes for the next coming baby. Once a baby outgrow a pant and top she keeps it clean and start to use it for her next child once it is born.

That was how we kept on passing cloth around.

Fast forward to when I was 20years of age and haven't entered the university, mum advised me to learn a sewing skill, but I was adamant because bosses then were strick and I have to do menial labor and house chore for whoever am going go be learning from.
Ama do their dishes and change their babies diaper which I wasn't ready to.
Mum felt that if I learnt how to sew I might come around making clothes for myself and people around me and we won't lack that anymore

She was right.
But I want ready, I thought about my health issues that doesn't require all that stress at the time.
With a protruding tummy from an expanded liver and spleen I can't help it although I was lazy too and wasn't prepared to launch myself into any work.

Come 2017 I graduated university and have was jobless, with no mum and now siblings to cater for I was trapped 😭😒

I had financial needs
And was practically naked πŸ™†πŸ™†
I bought only 2pairs of shoes for my university education and for 4years I was only only two pairs of shoe.
A sandal and a cooperate shoe.
For clothing in school I had backup from my fellow students who shared some of their clothes with me and covered me then 😍☺😘.
It was all packaging,no one knew and God bless them.

In order not to stay idle for years I let go of my ego and entered into a fashion school, this time situations were different and the bosses were educated, we learnt fashion a modern way not the traditional one I have to do menial work as an apprentice.

From 2018 down to 2020 I continued learning but it was like pouring water into an empty basket.

The series of events I passed through and physical and emotional
Imbalance wouldn't let me concentrate and I had siblings and house chores 😰😰😰 to take care of, after paying the sum of $170 minus all the expenses incurred from damaged fabrics used for practicals I wasn't close to been good at sewing...

I cried when I thought of my mum and how she has backed me up while still alive. My health was another concern, I didn't have much understanding on how to manage stress and sickle cell, I feel sick often and always in pains after working too hard...
It was a hard time

Deciding to take a break, I left everything else and rested the whole of year 2020,that was when I was introduce to hive blog (the then steemit).

And oops that was my first source of income.
I began to manage things with the tokens I get from here and with my little knowledge of fashion I kept posting and practicing more, I started paying bills school fees, feeding, house rent and other financial needs..
Am forever grateful for the votes and supports I got here that kept me going.

Little did I know how to trade or to invest on the block chain except for my hive power that was growing untouched.

This year came with a new wave of success for me, I was encouraged to pick up my training again with another boss, paid another fee of $120 bought lots of cheap fabrics for practice.

Learnt how to invest and trade on hive for more money of course πŸ˜œπŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜Š

No more nakedness I have lots of fabrics to make new clothes for myself and for my siblings.

Any reasons for this writeup
Yes and yes, the one basic reason that made me have this reflection was that that:

Living an independent and stable life is a gift, Not every body has this.

I decided to gift myself this priceless gift striving to work hard and eliminate the need to ask people be dependent on any one for my source of living.

My lack of clothing pushed me strive more with fashion and still been jobless am hopeful I might gain a hand to begin my career here making clothes for people and earning some token while I wait to see if my university degree will be blessed with a job.

I want to be independent in every way probably have an overflow to reach out to others as well.

I want to make my own clothes scarfs and every body cover πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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This is my story of been naked and I hope you didn't get bored reading through the lines, someone out there and even here in my country can relate with this.

You may want to enjoy some pictures from my turban




And early childhood, I got my these from the family album

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