DIY of a velvet turban cap for my kid sis.

Hello Hive

Ever since I find it tasking to take care of my hair, I have ventured into making series of extravagant turban cap and scarf for my hair cover because sometimes my hair could go a little rough and am not a fan of face caps.

Not to think that I have an 'Ojuwo'( A Yoruba term for a jealous person.) always by my side

Although not in a bad light my kid sis often desired everything I own and have.
She wears my shoes and tries my cloth on even though she barely ten and am old enough to be her mother 😁 (which I actually am coz there is no mother in the house).

The annoying part is that she is a little careless with things and if she uses my items I have to search everywhere in the house to look for such item before I can use them.
I don't want her near my things at all. No matter how much I love her that boundary is there.
Am a busy person and don't have time to waste arranging the house or looking for missing items

Everything now in pairs

I now make everything in pair, I have to keep fabrics and make her size of every cloth cap or outfit.

This is one of the results from such decision.

I made this longer turban cap/scarf
here for myself and have to make another design for her.

I wanted to make it a little more simple but after comparing it with the longer version of mine am beginning to prefer the short one with please.






This was the making process.

Measurements was 20inches head circumference divided into two and a 12 inches length for the cap.


That you have to cut along the stretchy part of the velvet fabric so that it can still fit into your head if you make a very full hair.




An error occurred with this, this beautiful white strip I wanted to use for embellishing wasn't stretchy and after fixing it on the seam joining the cap and band it restricted the stretchy effect of the velvet, hence this has to be removed so I can seek a better fitting embellishing strip.


The final part is the handwork where I tag in some ornaments and pulled a gathers round the cut edge of the cap, the part that will be lying at the middle of the head.




Now we all have at least two sets of cap to meet our needs.

Am thinking of making something similar but with a thicker fabric and addition of some Canadian smoke. That's just an idea, but if it turns into something beautiful I will bring it on.

Hope we are enjoying every bit of the day even though the sun didn't smile much on my side today?


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