A short story, Sourcing for extra income || Finishing up my shawl collar jacket

Hello Family

How is everyone doing today and hope you have found some contentment and happiness showing us your creative needlework today.

Today has been quite an hectic day for me.
I need a job
A source of income
Something I can depend on for a means of livelihood.
I have responsibilities everywhere even with my siblings and personal stuffs that depends on money.
So today I heard out to seek for anything I can lay my hands on even if it fetched me only stipend so I can live on that pending when my career will come together to put food on my table.

I have applied for various government jobs and today I was posted to a local government in Nigeria to resume as the lab assistant reason been that I studied microbiology.
The program is tagged National Social Investment Management Schemes (NASIMS) where youth/graduate are given opportunity to work and earn stipend.

Everything moved from bad to worst, the job isn't a problem but the location took me about 2 hours journey to get the village hospital.

I became pale knowing fully well the rate of kidnapping along this route, the empty road and location of the hospital.

How will I be spending $3 on a daily basis for transportation fair in order to earn $73 at the end of the month 😰😱😰
That will be like a thousand step backward for me.
I need a job but this is definitely not an answer.

I didn't even take pictures or enjoy the sight of the village inhabited by farmers cattle rearers except for when was arranging files in the office.

I just got home tired and exhausted, took some slices of bread and thought to share with us the dilemma I found myself in.

Meanwhile I have made some progress learning and making my first ever female shawl collar jacket.


  • Don't mind my fingers they are the button for today

The jackets needs thorough ironing and a sleeve for the final finishing.

The fabric didn't have much of a bright color and because this was used for practice it didn't bother me much, my boss insisted in getting it right first time and after making the pattern and going through the process I was glad that it clinched to my shape even at first trial.

Here is the pattern and working process






And for the record I went to Ilorin East local government to a village called Marafa in Iponrin district. I got this picture of the office setting.





That's the piece of my ordeal and how the week started for me.
Thanks for your patience and time to read through the lines.

Hope you had a fulfilled and creative day today.

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