Let's Knit these Socks Together

Painted Desert Sock.jpg
photo by Tsinbikeeknits used with permission

I have been having a lot of fun with knitting socks this year. So far, I have 25 pairs finished since the beginning of the year.

A little while I came across this design by Tsinbikeeknits on Ravelry and decided to start a Kal - Knit Along- using this pattern.

Please join me in knitting these beautiful socks.

You can buy the pattern for US $ 6 here
or find the designer on Ravelry.

Let me know if you will join in. If you are on Ravelry, join us in this thread.

Use #painteddesertkal and #painteddesertsocks here and on Instagram.

I am going to cast on right after posting this - if I have been able to decide on the colors to use 🤪



painted desert socks.jpg

I hope that you will knit along and show me what you are creating.

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