May the force be with you - Baby Yoda and his Spacepod

This is probably my most challenging project I've made so far. Bearing in mind, I've only just recently picked up crocheting, and I don't watch Star Wars, I was going in a bit blind with this.
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I made this for my kiddo nephew when he was staying with me during summer. I asked him what he wanted, thinking he'd go for something simple like an animal. With boys being boys, he ended up choosing Baby Yoda from Star Wars!!! My first reaction was, what have I got myself into now!!!! He asked me if that was difficult to make, and of course I couldn't back down and say it's difficult!!! Actually I had absolutely no idea at all. At least the pattern said intermediate, which is better than difficult!!! Luckily turns out it wasn't that difficult and both the online pattern and YouTube video was very easy to follow. In case anyone is interested, you can find the pattern here

As I am not very familiar with Baby Yoda and had a limited choice of yarn colours at home, I had to get kiddo to help me choose the most suitable colour. Baby Yoda ended up in grey instead of brown as per the pattern. Some of his parts were a bit fiddly like this little hands was supposed to have three fingers but you can't see them very well. The ears weren't that difficult to make, but despite me following the pattern to the dot, they still ended up one larger than the other. On and off it took me over a week to make Baby Yoda. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the progress untill I assembled him.

The last part were the eyes. The pattern uses acrylic gems for the eyes, I had problem getting suitable ones so left Baby Yoda for a few weeks whilst trying to work out a solution. By the way, you know the worse thing? I left this for too long and still hadn't finished it when kiddo left for university last week. He had to leave without it 😣


In the meanwhile, once Baby Yoda was (sort of) completed, I decided to make a space pod for him. That looked fun and easy to make. The only problem was the tension. My yarn is a bit thinner than that in the pattern, and my space pod turned out a little smaller and it wasn't so sturdy. Also, based on the pattern, I felt the hood was too low and looked odd so I improvised and continued to crochet till it reached overhead. Then I added a few more rows which I could either leave open, or fold back to make the rim stronger.

The base is double layer but due to my thin yarn, it felt quite flimsy. I decided to add a carpet to make the base triple layer. I ran out of the dark blue yarn and had to use light blue instead, but I think the effect looks quite nice. Do you noticed I crocheted the buttons in front of the space pod as well? In the pattern, they stuck felt on it, I didn't have any felt at home and decided to go the whole hog and crochet everything.


And finally to make it more personalise for kiddo, I embroided his initials on the base of the space pod.


Back to the eyes, the most important part that brings Baby Yoda to life. I couldn't find any suitable acrylic gems and ended up crocheting them. I think they may be on the large side. What do you think? Should I make them smaller?

And here's the completed Baby Yoda and his Space Pod. I'm really chuffed with it!!!


In the pattern, Baby Yoda can half lie inside, but he can only stand up inside mine. I don't think that's a problem though.



There is only one more thing I want to do now, I need to make a lightsaber for Baby Yoda. I don't know why I always call it saberlight, and I got told off by kiddo a few times for always getting it wrong 😁. I got some sticks at home which come with the diffusers, they will be perfect for the lightsaber. I think it will be difficult to crochet around it (for me at least, I'm sure it will be easy for those who can crochet properly), so I'm thinking to just crochet a chain and wrap it around the stick. Kiddo says every Yoda has a different colour lightsaber, and Baby Yoda has a yellow one. Now I just need to get some yellow yarn which I shall do in a few days time. Then I can complete Baby Yoda and give it to kiddo when he comes back for dinner over the weekend!!!

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