Upcycle || Neckties to Apron


What do you do with neckties you wanna get rid of? An apron of course 😃

I saw this in one of the sewing groups I follow. My friend‘s husband had some ties to get rid off. Thank you MaryCAG. I was happy the ties already had a green-grey’ish theme.

I used 7 ties in all. Because they were wide, they were more than enough. Arranged the colours out and started sewing.

First, I started fitting the ties from left to right but that was a bad idea because it gave the apron an angled stretch. So I unpicked and started again, this time starting with the centre tie and working my way out.

I also used the twin needle technique for the first time. Did you know that almost all home sewing machines are able to do this? I just did, and super stoked. This means I can do pinstripes as well as cover stitches for stretch fabrics.

I sewed 5 ties first, measured the length of the apron (29” + 1” to hem) and cut off the access on top.
ps: That scissors is almost as old as me. A precious Mum hand-me-down.

Sewed the hem by hand. Then I noticed there were many gaps using the twin needle technique and it was apparent it wasn’t going to stand the test of time.

But first, I sewed the last two ties on either side to tie around the neck.

Then the decorative stitch to reinforce all the joins. Removed all labels.

Ya-dahhh!! All done 😊

I think this idea will make a great skirt and one like overalls…. Hmmm, got to look for more ties. Now I am going to put this up on Carousell and see how it fairs.


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