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Mum tailored all our clothes when I was younger. She’d buy a bale of the same material, then she’d sew for all the females in the family but we’d each get a design of our choice. She did this until she went to Singapore to work.

When she was close to retirement, she had big plans to pick up sewing where she had left off. She started preparing for it a few months before by buying the Overlock machine on installment and she’d tell me her plans for retirement.

However, 2 months before retirement, she had a by-pass and her 2 month medical leave took her to the last day of being employed. After some time, she moved down to live with me and help take care of the kids. And finally when the kids were old enough, she fell sick and …. Well, her plan to get back into sewing never happened.

As for me, I did some sewing myself with Mum’s help in my younger days. And when I moved to Kuala Lumpur, 300 kms away, she gave me one of her sewing machines to take with me. I altered many clothes to fit just right and also to be one of a kind. Later on, I took a diploma in fashion thinking perhaps I could either be a Window Dresser or a Fashion Buyer.

Just about the time I was taking my diploma, I got pregnant and was also offered to go full-time from part-time at work. Then I got into a managerial position and got busy between work and family.

Fast forward to today, since I do have a sewing machine at home, I thought I could brush up on my sewing skills. Maybe they will be good enough to sell, or even give as presents. We’ll see where it goes, but for now I am just having fun learning new things and practicing old things.

Here’s a saree I have upcycled into a skirt for my niece. Her current favourite colour is blue, and I think my brother will be quite sentimental over this because it is using one of Mum’s sarees. Or he could get upset at me for cutting it up… I’ll let you know ;p

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