Shorts Jumpsuit For A 2-Year-Old

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I almost did not want to share this. I am disappointed that the Osmo DJI I used to shoot this gave many blurry shots. I also realised I am not a tutorial sort of person. But I will do my best to just walk you through the steps.

This is for my bestie’s goddaughter. The lil one recently turned 2, and since my bestie was not ready for me to practice my sewing on her (want to lose weight first and social distancing), I did the next best thing. I got the measure ments from the internet.

I drew out the pattern on brown paper.
Placed it on the fabric and cut out the 5 pieces: 1 top front, 2 top back, 2 bottom.
I sewed the shoulder seams, then the bias tape on the armholes.
The side seams then attached top half with bottom half.
Sewed the crotch, attached the zip.
Sewed the bias around the neckline, finished off the bottom hem, added the frill around the waistline, fixed the hook above the zip.


Ok, almost. I first wanted to add a scrunchy, for every little girl needs one right? But took it one step further and sewed a bucket hat too.

Now really done. I hope it fits.

Thank you for watching/reading 😊

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