Needleworkmonday: Needlework Your Valentine! A Community Challenge

Hello everybody,

Well, thank you much Admin for this exciting challenge again here in Needleworkmonday Community. I am sharing my crocheted 15" valentine placemat, I called, Wheel of Change.


Which I especially crocheted as an appreciation to @me2selah a wife, fulltime mom of 3 girls at same time blogger and vlogger. My new friend I met in various social media platforms and a crypto enthusiasts, too. I am one of her subscribers to her YouTube Channel about foods that made me awed, many mouth watering recipes. I want to try cook she have a tutorial on how to cook Masi - peanut & sugar rice balls, our very own Cebuano delicacy.

Here is a poem I wrote 8 yrs ago fit for this challenge.

Crocheted Gift

Hold it in your hand,
Ahh, crochet hook
That glide along comfortably.

With matching cotton thread pulled,
To form crochet stitches
Along the way.

Excited to crochet fast,
Feeling of a crocheter
The way it should be...

Satisfied, joyful and happy,
Whose process you may want,
To spend more time everyday.

Sometimes delay.
Others think,
It takes to long to crochet.

Then, comes the day,
The finished object, you can hold,
Embrace or lift up to say.

"At last it is finish!"
Happily shouted..."I made this"
Now, heartily to be given as gift.

To a friend to make her happy!


As I searched for a placemat to copy, an fb friend of mine, Erica Joana, posted in her My day, this placemat with heart edgings, I find it easy to crochet so, I got a 4 ply hand dyed cotton from my stash and 3mm hook, crochet starting from the center with magic ring: chain(ch) 3, considered as 1st extended double crochet (edc), 25 edc, slip stitch (sl st) into 3rd ch of beginning(beg) ch.


Note: Round(Rnd) 1 to Rnd 16 is made all with edc.

Rnd 2: Chain 6, skip 1 edc, 1 edc into next stitch(st), ch 3, skip 1 st, 1 edc in next st. Repeat all around, slip st into 3rd ch of beg st.


Rnd 3: ch 3, 3 edc in next ch 3 space. Rep all around.

Rnd 4 to Rnd 9: just repeat process of rnd 2 to rnd 3.

Rnd 10:make a V stitch

Rnd 11: rep rnd 10

Rnd 12: 1 edc in each V st with ch 3.

Rnd 13: forming the heart 5 edc in each edc post of previous rnds.

Rnd 14: 7 edc

Rnd 15: 9 edc

Rnd 16: 5 edc, sl st at the center 5 edc to form the center of heart.




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Thanks much Needleworkmonday Founder

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