Needleworkmonday: Crochet Tutorial #12 Kids Dress with Fabric

It's needleworkmonday again crafters! I'm thrilled to see each and everyone's artwork as well as to share with you my humble crochet dress tutorial for kids. Humble since I'm just a beginner when it comes to sewing. Thanks to my dressmaker mom who sent me one of her 20-year old manual sewing machine that I'm able to practise before lockdown on March. She even taught me how to sew washable facemask made of neoprene fabrics that we were able to sell some.

I decided to use the scrap fabric excess from making facemasks and made a kid's dress today.

(I just ask our neighbor's daughter to model it)





  • magic circle

1st layer

  • #2 chain 2 (dc), double crochet
  • #3 chain 2 (1st corner of the square)
  • #4 dc 4
  • #5 chain 2 (2nd corner), dc 4, chain 2 (3rd corner), dc 4,
  • #6 chain 2 (4th corner), dc 2 and slip stitch


2nd layer

  • #7 chain 2 (dc), dc 1
  • #8 dc 2 #9 chain 2, dc 2 (on 1st corner)
  • follow picture #11 & #12


3rd layer - #13
4th layer - #14
5th layer - #15
Note: (on every corner) dc 2, chain 2, dc 2

  • make 5 granny square


  • join the 5 granny square using single crochet


*One Side*

  • extend by making 3 rows of 22 dc


*The Other Side*

  • extend by 22 dc on the 1st row
  • 2nd row - sc 1, chain 4, skip 3 stitches and sc 12, chain 4, skip 4 stitches, sc 1 and lock


  • on one side chain 2 (dc), dc all over the bottom of the 5 granny squares and lock.


  • #27 make 42 dc on the middle of the 5 granny squares
  • #28 make 2dc-2chain-2dc on one stitch then skip 2 stitches, dc 2, skip 2 stitches make 2dc-2chain-2dc on same stitch - do this on the middle of every layers

Note: As you crochet upward, make a decreasing double crochet on both ends in every layers

  • #30 on the last layer, make 6 chain, skip 5 stitches and sc 3, and dc 8 on the same hole like on the picture, sc 2, dc 8, sc 3, chain 6, skip 5 stitches, sc and lock.


  • notice on #36, I chain 6, skip 5 stitches, sc 1, and lock (both sides on every side so we can insert our ribbon or tie on the back later)

  • sc on all sides from top to bottom, left to right


  • cut 51 inches of neoprene fabric (width), and 15 inches (length)
  • join two ends (leave atleast 2-3 inches)
  • make some pleating (measurement of the bottom of your dress top should be the same as the measurement of the fabric after pleating - waist of the skirt)


  • attach the two buttons by hand sewing
  • attach the skirt to the top design of dress (I made some big stitches first attaching the skirt to the top ofthe dress before sewing it on the manual sewing machine)


  • cut 2 pieces of 20x2 inches of fabric (this will serves your ties)
  • #47 fold and sew all sides of each ties except the bottom part (I use my crochet hook to invert the ties)
  • #49 insert the ends of ties and #50 make a knot
  • #51 insert the other end of ties on the back hole and make a ribbon


And voila! Our crochet kid's dress. Hope you like and enjoy my tutorial. Thank you ladies and Godbless.


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