NeedleworkMonday: Crochet Tutorial #06 Christmas Tree

For Filipinos, Christmas season starts in the month of September, ber months. From then, days are counted backward from 100 days to Christmas. We started to decorate our home with Christmas decors.

A christmas tree is the most well known. It is where we place our gifts for every members of the family.

So now, I will share to you how to make a Crochet Christmas tree with the use of empty wine bottle.



  • indophil yarn with glitter thread
  • 4.5 mm hook
  • scissor
  • empty wine bottle
  • button
  • needle and thread


Pattern / Procedure


  • Magic circle
  • 1st layer - chain 2 (dc), double crochet 11


  • 2nd layer - chain 2, double crochet all
  • Note: Secure your magic circle by making a knot.


  • 3rd layer - double crochet all
  • 4th layer - chain 4, double crochet, chain, double crochet, chain and so on.
  • 5th layer - 8th layer - same with 4th layer


  • 9th layer - chain 4, double crochet-chain-double crochet on the same stitch, chain, double crochet, chain, double crochet-chain-double crochet on same stitch as shown on the above picture.


  • 10th layer - chain 4, dc,chain,dc,chain and so on.
  • 11th layer - follow 9th layer
  • 12th layer - chain 4, dc,chain,dc,chain, and so on until 21th layer.



  • chain 10, cut and lock.
  • sew the button at the end chain.



  • on the 16th layer of the base of the tree, (1st layer) insert 3 chains (dc), double crochet 4 in a square (making 5 double crochet on each square) and slip stitch.
  • (2nd layer) chain 3 and double crochet all.
  • (3rd layer) follow 2nd layer


  • I put some marks (as shown on below picture) where I inserted the 3 layered shearing.


  • To define more our shears, single crochet this feather yarn on every edge.


And we're almost done. Keep tuning in ladies for the continuation of decorating our christmas tree.

Thanks for dropping by. God bless.

Update: click for the continuation of Decorating out Christmas tree - @jonalyn2020/decorating-the-mini-christmas-tree-continuation

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