Icelandic Inspired Sweater in the Making


Lately I’ve been obsessed with Icelandic knitted sweaters and I’ve been dying to get one for myself. Since I technically have the skills for making on, I finally decided to take up the project.

My favourite yarn shop had a sale so I went a bit cray cray and bought more than enough of Istex’s Lettlopi yarn, with a few more skeins on the way still. I know I’ll be making some mittens with this yarn too. I also bought a pattern after searching for the most inspiring one for days on end.

I actually ended up picking a pattern that is not traditional, but the style and technique is. I had seen this gorgeous sweater months ago and saved it to my want-list, so I decided to give it a go. I went for a light grey as a base colour and bottle green for the foliage, I’m also thinking of doing some with white, if it shows up just enough against the grey.

I’m pretty obsessed with this knit right now and the progress you see here is from two days of knitting. I hope I get to show you a finished beautiful sweater on me in a couple weeks.




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