My first time sharing of my wip work on How to cut and sew a gather Gown

Hello everyone

Good morning to you all, hope you all have a wonderful night. This is my first time posting here in this community and I hope I am being welcome here. I am very much happy to be here and also to learn from other people post here, I will will put more effort to be active and make sure I follow the rules and regulations of this community.
Today I am writing to participate on wip contest on how to cut and sew gather gown, since fashion is my skills,l like sharing my skill with other.

Here is the material we are using


Let begin


Hand Length10
half length13
full length38

hips here is not really important since it is a gather gown but you still need in order to make the gather normal (not too big or small)

Firstly i cut the upper part which is half length, i folded my material into two after making out my half length at the waist line,i mark the bust point then i took my last measurement at where i mark my bust point then i connect from bust to waist. Same thing goes to the back side but before then i have mark out two inches for zip allowance. I now join the back and front of my half length together



Next step is the lower part. To have the correct measurement i subtract the half length from the full length and then add two inches for bending which give us the exact measurements for the lower part. Then i cut it out and gather it to the waist measurement, both back and front together.



The next the hand part, to cut the hand part i now fold the material into two and i then mark out the length which is 10 inches and add two inches for hemming and sewing allowance.the rim of the hand is also know as bottom is 9 inches pulse the sewing allowance and cut it


Finally i join everything together
Here is the outcome

Wow this beautiful

Thanks for visiting my blog I am @christy01

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