Needleworkmonday: Dress for newborn baby girl. 🌹

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A very special dress

    Have you ever felt that your mind and your feelings tell you or tell you a path to follow, well that's what happened to me. A few days ago I found out that my friend Carmen ( may she rest in peace) is going to be a grandmother. To that woman I owe much of my knowledge in the world of crafts, she is no longer on this earthly plane because some time ago she left because of cancer, but in my heart I always keep all the beautiful moments we lived, her advice and her friendship.

    People like her are few in this world and I had the joy of knowing one. Carmen was very special in my life, maybe you will call me crazy, but I like to feel that I talk to her and ask her to guide me just like when I had her here on earth and I would just ring the phone at her house and ask her for advice.

    Today as a tribute to her I present this dress that will be sent to her next granddaughter, I am sure that Carmen from heaven will be happy with this gesture.




A knitting needle #2 m.m
Crochet thread
Wool needle

we are going to knit!


  • The first thing we are going to knit is 130 chains + 3 chains, which are equivalent to our first double crochet, and so we start knitting over the whole row and close with stockinette stitch. We continue repeating the same procedure for 9 more rows.

  • In the 10th row we are going to make only single crochet, close with stockinette stitch and cut the yarn. This part where we cut the thread will be the upper part of the dress where later we will place the strips.

  • From here we will start knitting the skirt until we get the length we want. To do this we knit a row of double crochet, one in each base stitch. I knit this row in order to put a white satin ribbon #. Then we are going to repeat the same procedure of row 10.


  • When we have all the single crochet stitches done, we are going to form some rings and for that we knit 3 chains, skip 3 base stitches and slip a single crochet in the fourth stitch of the base. We knit 3 chains and repeat the same procedure, and so on until we finish the whole row.

  • In the next row, we knit 2 double double crochet fans, one chain and two double crochet fans, and we repeat the fans in each of the rings until the end of the row.

  • Then we knit a row of fans with 3 double crochet, one chain and 3 double crochet, tucked into the chain in the middle of the fan of the previous row. To finish the skirt I wanted to make a decorative fabric, so I knit 3 chain stitches and put a single crochet in the next stitch of the base. Then 3 chain stitches and I repeat, entering the next base stitch with a single crochet. This way we continue all around the edge of the dress and it will look beautiful.


    In the upper part we are going to weave two strips with the pattern you like best, I made it of 12 centimeters and fastened them with a wool needle. I leave you this link from Pinterest here you can find plenty of models.

Beautiful shoes to combine

    Thank God this dress came out as I expected with zero margin for error, I also liked adding this border at the end as it made it look more beautiful. I don't want to put any other details on it other than a white ribbon since I wanted it red all the way around. This is my favorite color.


    On this special day dedicated to friendship, I want to send a very special greeting to my community @needleworkmonday and to each of the members that make it up, thank you for your friendship, for your support every day, your nice messages and good wishes in each of my publications.

    I wish you a nice Valentine's Day with your loved ones and I also hope you got some nice gifts.


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