Crocheted Santa Claus panties for newborns.



Hello my beautiful friends from the beautiful Hive family, Hello my beautiful friends from the beautiful Hive family, especially our nice community @Needleworkmonday to whom I want to send my first Christmas greeting. Today I want to send you a strong virtual hug loaded with much peace and love for each of your homes. May Christmas light up your hearts and fill you with joy to spend a few quiet days, full of harmony and union together with your family and friends.

    This weekend I spent knitting this beautiful panties for Fabian a cute baby who was just born and I want to make him this nice gift, I still need the shoes and hat but I will bring that in another post, for now enjoy this simple step by step.


  • Red, white, black and yellow baby spider wool
  • Knitting needle number #3
  • 2 buttons.
  • Scissors.
  • Needle with thread

~Step by step~


  • Weave 100 chains and close the circle with a slip stitch. Lift 3 chains and start knitting high stitches on each base chain, close on the third starting chain with a slip stitch. We knit 3 turns of the same way in red thread, then we change the thread to black and knit two turns, we change the thread back to red and knit 8 more turns, we close the turn and cut the thread.


  • Now we are going to weave the legs. For that we are going to thread the needle and the knitting thread right in the middle, so we must count very well, we knit 5 chains and thread on the other side with low stitch, we knit 3 chains and we start knitting high stitches in each base stitch, passing also with high stitches over the chains we made, we closed with a stitch slipped over the third starting chain and continued repeating as many turns as necessary for the baby's leg, I made 15 turns, then I changed the thread and made one turn of high stitches with white thread, then we knit two turns of spring stitch, one in front and one behind.


  • Now we are going to weave the waist part. Let's knit two chains and continue with half stitches from one side to the other, going through the whole front of what will be our panties, when we get to the other side we will knit spring stitch so it will be the back of the panties, so we continue until we close this lap with sliding stitch. We repeat the next loop in the same way as the previous one, to finish the waist we will knit a loop of low stitches in each base stitch and that's it.

  • At the top of the straps, I tried to find the front half and counted to both sides to make them equal, in total I made 36 high stitches and went up making a decrease at the beginning and end of each turn until obtaining the size or height desired. For the back I did the same, look for the half and made 24 high points then I repeated the same from the front making the decreases. To finish, I made the two strips knitting turns according to the desired size.



    I hope you have understood me since I can't tell you where there is a pattern or something to guide you, even though I looked and looked I didn't find what I was looking for, so I didn't give up and put things together from all sides and I started to shape them. It wasn't easy, at first I had to unweave a lot and start over but now at least I can tell what the size is for a newborn, a month old baby or more.

    I say goodbye to you, I will continue knitting and bringing you beautiful things to make your heart happy, until the next smile.

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