Work in progress on the making of my double flare peplum blouse with princess dart bustier

Hello everyone on hive this beautiful morning.


It's a privilege to bring to you the work in progress on the double flare peplum blouse with princess dart bustier I am working on,


I was given a 6yards of Ankara fabric to make skirt and blouse for two women ( my elder sisters), I was told to use my skills and creativity to make something beautiful for them as they are to wear it for an occasion held at the village.

Knowing that the fabric will not be enough, I went to the Market, to get 1┬Żyards of satin material to add to it, that was why I had to combine the satin and Ankara to make a double flare.


After cutting out the double flare, and I was satisfied with the beautiful outcome, I went ahead to cut out the front and back bodice which was also beautiful.

With all the cutting, I went ahead to sew all the pieces together to make a complete blouse, after the sewing, I am left with the challenge of the type of sleeves to add to the dress to make it a finished and beautiful blouse.


I am stuck on the choice of sleeves to make, your ideas will be appreciated. Thanks

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