Stitching round a pair of shoes

Hello every one trust you're having a good day well today I'll be showing you guys how I stitched round my cousin @k-banti 's shoe.



The reason I stitched round the shoe was because the gum used to hold the upper and the sole together wasn't quality and it was already looking like the upper was going to remove from the insole.

So let's begin, to do this stitch all you'll need is a stitching awl


This is a local stitching awl, I went online recently and I saw various brands and models of stitching awl that I've never seen before but here I only have access to this.
You'll also need your stitching thread


I recommend you use size 12 because it's strong and thick so it won't cut easily.

To begin first you put your stitching awl through the shoe like this


guide it so it comes out where you want it. If it's a canvass or sneaker I recommend you remove the insoles before stitching

Then you fold your thread like this


Then you use your stitching awl to grip your thread


Then you pull it out


Make sure the whole thread comes out, this is quite tricky at first but once you get the hang of it it'll become easy

Now you look at the side thats not connected to the thread and pull it out it'll look like this


Now keep pulling it till you have enough to go round the shoe at least twice if not more

Now put your stitching awl for the second time in another position a bit further forward and fold the another thread like this


Hook the thread on the stitching awl


And pull out


Then put your hand in between the thread


Use that hand to pull the former thread till it completely passes through the new one


Then pull both threads till its tight


You keep repeating from this step

Now put your stitching awl for the second time in another position a bit further forward and fold the another thread like

Till you've sewn round the shoe. For the ending once you've put the thread in between you put it the second time and maybe a third if you want

I don't have a pic of this because I had to use my two hands but I'll drop a link to a YouTube video where you can watch how to do it

Know that it may take some time to get it right, it took me a whole day to finally get used to it, and by the next day my two thumbs were aching, but at the end I felt quite happy with what I'd done.


Thank you for taking your time to read this post your upvotes and comments are highly appreciated have a wonderful day

All photos in this post were taken by me using my huawei y5 smartphone

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