Machines/Technology and the revolution


Computer and smart phones are the most useful invention in the twentieth century. In any field of life you will find the application of computer and the latest computer is smart phones. I along with my family use the product of computer while solving a lot of problems.

A person who uses computer can get an E-mail. Email is in fact electronic mail. Email facility is used by individual as well as businessman alike internet connect people in different part of the world. Most of our relatives and friends are far away from us but don't worry. Now a days it is to easy to communicate with them never the less we can easily see them and send our pictures and photographs.
Many more activities can perform through computer that clarify the wonders of the great invention.

I want to share and send the photograph of my kid who is one year old and uses smart phone. He always listen and watch cartoons on computer as well as smart phone. It is really wonderful.

It is really the great advantage of computer that even a little kid facilitates through the great invention. This invention shows development of human beings.

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