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Spider webs
Hi friends
Today I present to you this innate worker, who spends the day making and weaving her trap to hunt her food.

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I will tell you a secret I have a phobia of spiders, but at the same time it fascinates me to see their cobwebs.
I usually watch a lot of documentaries but when they come out my eyes squeeze shut and a chill runs through my body and I am unable to see them.

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But cobwebs are something else as long as you don't touch them.
It seems to me an incredible job what they do and the other day walking I came across this one.
She is very bushy and has two circles, the tree was old and she took advantage of her cavity.

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When I took the photos I did not see her, thank goodness otherwise I would not have gotten so close to her.
But there is this crouched waiting for her prey.


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It seems incredible that such a small being can create with the substance of its body such a fine and resistant thread that scientists are studying to make new materials, bulletproof vests, tendons for surgery and micro conductors.

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When you enter a block there are cobwebs and talking to the farmers they say they are good as it keeps the block clean of flies and other insects.
With their proteins they create this thread so fine that it comes out of their abdomen that in contact with the air it becomes solid and sticky that they weave without rest.

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If you are a fly that flutters around, you will fall into its sticky trap, it will feel the vibrations of your body and slowly without haste it will come out of its nest and little by little it will cover you with its thread as if you were a mummy.
When hunger strikes it will go for you and so she will eat you.


There are several forms and models of spider web, I have learned that by making this post, they all seemed the same to me.
This is funnel shaped and as I told you it is hidden inside.
In the past, arrana fabrics were used to stop bleeding when you had an accident in the field.
It is also a totem (I hope not mine hehe) of cunning, rebirth, protection and power.
I cannot take away the fear that I have them, even if they are those little ones with very long legs, although I try with all my might.

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