Amazing Nature Contest - June 2021 - #01 - Friendly Squirrels.

Hi there, @adalger my topic for #amazingnature for this weeks contest will be about some cute Squirrels, I encountered in Bang Saray Beach last weekend, I am not sure if showing Squirrels here is part of #amazingnature topics but I figured they may be categorized under Zoology. I was out at Bang Saray beach in Pattaya, Thailand over the weekend and I was very surprised to see so many cute little Squirrels living in the trees along the beach, if someone had asked me what cute small pet would you like to have, I would say give me an little cute Squirrel any day, I love everything about them, there little face, the eyes and that bushy tail besides them being funny and intelligent, I fell in love with them watching the cartoons of Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks as a kid, well they are similar in character.







In the area of Thailand were I am working it's more industrial area, I would see Squirrels racing across between electrical poles from one end to the other like a speeding bullet and would say to the boys, wow just saw another Squirrel and that happened regularly during the day the Thai boys at work would laugh at me, not realizing Squirrels here in Thailand are part of there culture, they are use to seeing them by the dozens all over Thailand and many do have them as pets or dozens of them would turn up at there homes knowing that they would get feed but for me back in Australia this was not common seeing Squirrels every where and every day. They had told me when you go out to any beach in Thailand and if there are trees along the beach you will see hundreds of them living in the tree tops, so knowing that we were going out to Bang Saray Beach last weekend, I made sure I took my better camera and luckily I did.







When we got Bang Saray Beach, walking around and under the trees already I could see dozens of them the adrenaline was pumping with excitement, I started to noticed small wooden planks nailed on to some trees which the Thai people had put up, these were acting as a bench for the Squirrels, the Thai people would place food on these planks of wood and the Squirrels would come down and help themselves, also they had half cut plastic bottles nail to the trees filled with water for the Squirrels to drink out of how nice of them to care for them like that, it's really showing they care and love these cute little Squirrels, I was amazed and excited to see so many Squirrels coming down from the tree tops and all sorts of beautiful colors, being so friendly, taking food out of your hand ever so gently knowing that they would not be harmed, they would eat there nuts or biscuits right near you hanging upside down how can they do that eat upside down with there back legs gripping the tree trunk, really amazing nature, I did say they are intelligent or maybe more acrobatics, but I can say this was an amazing experience to see so many cute Squirrels in one place and what a entertainment it was seeing all these cute fellas partying on with all there free food lucky them, they have great caring friends.








Amazing Nature Contest - June 2021 - #01 - Run By @adalger

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