What has happened today to them?

Hello Guys ... How are you today?

(Relax while enjoying a sip of water)

Come on buddy, keep on pedaling, continue to the trees...

That's the sentence that is often said by every child who is playing in an isolated area that is always flooded by the tides.

Every day, according to the direction of the wind from the sea, it turns out that until now, this remote area is still flooded by the tides of the sea, even though its location is isolated from residential areas, this situation is often used by children aged 10 to 11 years, when they don't go to school.

The boys were great and they were always shrewd in controlling the territory filled by the tide. His parents were not worried because the area was very safe with something scary, there were no wild animals in it such as crocodiles, snakes, and other animals that always hurt humans.

(Turning trash into a boat)

Animals in the water are small fish such as mullet, milkfish, and other small fish that often dominate the area. Also in it are small prawns that are often eaten by poultry such as cranes, herons, egret, and several other aquatic animals that always nest in mangrove trees.

Children use sponges (electronic wrappings) on the raft to make cano

Children in this area use several sponges made from cork wrapping electronic devices to be used as buoys wrapped in a rectangular net with a length of 2 meters and a width of 70 cm.

Then made a rectangle or survived as a tool to be moved as water transportation, not using a machine that relies on long wood as its propulsion, so that with this simple tool they can sail to all areas within the residential area flanking the location itself.

(Sail to the mangrove trees)

The area is about 1 hectare, still in a safe area, which happens by itself in the state of the area itself. This location is precisely in one of the fishing villages of Pusong Lama Lhokseumawe Aceh Indonesia.

While the water depth reaches 1.30 meters and that size is the highest measurement when the tide is at its peak, but the water that inundates the area will also experience ups and downs or the location of dry and wet land.

So the parents do not feel worried about the children playing in the area, because it is considered safe and again the child is very good at swimming, this ability has been inherited by them from generation to generation.

(Trying to stay away from the pier)

In these two years they have always played their game

Although they are great in these activities, and they are also like their parents as fishermen in conquering the special realm of the ocean, but I personally am very concerned about their condition, why?

Because every child who is still in elementary school, often spends time playing not only, this has happened in the last two years, which was influenced by the spread of one of the outbreaks in the form of Covid19 that hit here today. When the virus is considered dangerous by every state leader, the face-to-face movement is no longer allowed, even learning can't be turned on again, like other normal days before Covid19 existed.

(A smile to get ready to take off)

Children prefer to play in water than study, this has happened in the last two years. The education government itself stipulates only at home with the term online or offline for loyal students from elementary to higher levels. By adopting this online learning method, the children here are at a loss in having knowledge, they are only concentrated on playing, especially for these beach children, since the lockdown period was implemented simultaneously in all regions, but they have never done it even though they always gather with their friends like normal days.

Especially in this village, which is a fishing village, to this day, there have been no cases of people being infected with the virus, nor have there been any cases of death caused by this covid19.

The people here are fine, especially the children are still in good health, because every day they swim and play in salt water which is directly connected to the waters of the Indian Ocean.

(Always trying to advance the canoe)

Is it affected by the power of clean air? Or salt water as an antidote to covid19? I don't understand it myself, but what I see here is that people are always healthy and happy, and always breathe good and healthy air that comes from the open ocean.

I don't know when this situation will end, so that children can go back to school like in previous years, not like now, by doing more playing activities outside the home than studying. If this event continues then a foolishness will occur in the future. There will be people who do not have any knowledge for this earth. There is no relay connection for the continuity of this civilization. Because knowledge itself is a path to success. It seems that this condition should not be allowed, if each of us tries there must be a way to success.

(Always alert and skilled)

If we see the activities of these children, maybe we will smile because they are smart to take advantage of the situation, but it will be sad if we look to the future with this uncertain situation. I am very concerned about these children, about their future.

I hope that we will quickly realize in controlling this problem, I am concerned about the world of education which has also been affected by everything. It is easy for us to ignore all problems, so this is a very complicated problem in the future.

So through this post, I invite all of us to rise up and solve this problem in a healthy and civilized manner, because if we always try and unite, every problem will be resolved soon.

I hope this situation will pass quickly....

Post title What has happened today to them?
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