Entry for Amazing Nature Contest - #9/2 How you survive in nature

Good Evening, 🌆

Today’s topic is going to be interesting as I have traveled many times to the hills and jungles. I can understand how hard life will if somebody get lost into #nature !

I have seen that there are lot of resources to stay alive into nature but that much of knowledge should have as well. Otherwise you can die if you do not know the right uses of nature and the foods obviously.


Much more still needs to return to nature but we are destroying more than we care for. Anyway, let’s share one of my own story where I had a small accident while I am traveling to “Shitakundo, Bangladesh in a tracking to the mountain/ hills.


This was a complete 6 hours tracking where 3 hours require to get into the peak by tracking.


This was “ChandraNath Pahar/ hill” named after chandranath! The tracking way was not so smooth but it’s a complete hilarious on and off road with dangerous smiles !

While climbing I got a little injured in my hand from the bamboo stick which I had for support.


Almost we tracked 1 hour ways so there is no go back, unfortunately we didn’t brought any first aid ⛑ so instantly I get a little help from nature!

I got the grasses around which will help me to stop unwanted bleeding 🩸 from my hand ✋ and it will also work as antibiotic. Below photo I have marked specifically which grasses can be use like that!

These grasses grow almost everywhere. First you need to chew the grass for few seconds and while it’s being paste use it on the bleeding 🩸 areas and wrap over with something like a fabric cutting or anything clean you feel. Could be a leave from nature too!

This could be one part and let’s jump to the fire and food!

This is a type of fern that help fire 🔥 to lit-up more as natural fire- booster. This looks green but the dry one is best to try. I can not recall the name but the local people are use to.

Water 💦-
To stay alive or survive, at least you need pure water to drink to prevent body from dehydration! So this is one important part can not ignore. We faced trouble but we drank a little from there from clean portion. All the waterfall are not safe to drink so please ensure!


If you don’t know you have option to fire up and boil before drinking. And that’s how @beargrylls work 😀


End of the day we were so tired of that tracking we can’t move body a single inch. During the trip nobody got sick or panic all went smoothly.


Ultimately, we are not farming anything for nature but the Trees/plants are farming us! 🌱

It’s a deep thought but sometimes I felt like that, we die and our body get dissolved into earth, let’s remember the 1 (Allah/The Almighty) and let’s do good for nature and people!

Thanks for reading me and I would love to thanks to @juanbg @bucipuci & All of them who are arranging these

Hey buddy @jahidvor I think you can participate here 🤔
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