We are the biggest threat to Nature

And no one is really concerned about it


It was raining since last 3 days, and the morning outing is hampered. I have been going to the football field, since I came to my native place and its really very enjoying to spend a hour there - all fun and exercise at the same time. So sitting at home for last three days have been boring, so I decided to go for a walk today morning as the rain was stopped.

We have a nice road going in front of my house to interior villages, and I decided to explore that today, I did not see this road in a decade. The destination was a small temple which is around 2.5 km from my home. When we were young, almost every week, we used to go there and have a small get together with lunch being cooked there. That time, all we had is cycles to carry everything. So if someone is carrying something, they can borrow and ride the cycle (as not many had cycles as well), else walk there. Such memories...







This place brought some memories - When I had come last time (some 13 yrs back I guess), there was a herd of elephants settled here. The news spread fast and then there were a lot of crowd. The forest department people came in vans to deviate them and even police force came to control the crowd. Such was this place, full of jungles behind. One person, went close to a baby elephant and somehow the others saw him and chased. That fellow ran like anything and fainted after a long distance. Later I heard, he was in Coma for couple of months in hospital. No good mobile phones at that time, all we could do is enjoy as much as we could.


So this was my destination. The temple has been as it is. Not much improvements, but the interesting fact about this temple is that, it has a water source which never dries up. No one knows how, in summer, when every other place burns , this place is cool with all the water surroundings. The tree beneath is more than 100 years some say.



The areas nearby are now getting crowded. As you can see, this is a newly developed area, and there is only one home built here. May be in few years, this will be fully occupied. So once upon a time, 15 years back, these were full of jungles. And now, the area is being converted to colonies of homes. And the culprit ? We, the population. The way the population is growing, we are the biggest threat to nature.

The bad things is that, no one really takes it seriously. No political party is even raising it for discussion. Soon we will surpass China and be most populated country , but the resources remains same.



You see this small temple, built here by some locals. If one has to encroach a government land, then temple is the safe bet. Everything in the name of religion sells here. These branches brings some good memories. When we were in school, there was a belief, if you put a small piece of that soft branch on ear, then the teacher won't beat us. So if any day, we were a bit late, we used to collect a small piece and keep it on top of the ear😀 Funny days...

This is a govt school built recently spread of several acres of govt land. A beautiful ambience though, for the inhabitants. And on my way a small jungle of eucalyptus. A refreshed walk that we barely get in cities. Nature has given us so much, but we are slowly destroying it...There is abundance of oxygen in nature, we are not in a position to inhale them..



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