Sublime Sunday: Last Days Of Summer

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First up is a #beautifulsunday hosted by @ace108.

It’s always a beautiful Sunday with puffy white clouds against a blue sky and seeing the buffalo and the babies at Buffaloland.

The baby buffalo (calves) fur coat will change from orange to the darker coat of the adults as they get older.


Today I checked an apple tree, some of the remaining herbs and flowers of summer still blooming in the yard.

This is one of many wild apple trees on the property. The apples look good and can be eaten by humans but are left for the grouse, other birds and wildlife to enjoy. These apples are not as sweet as the store-bought ones and are better cooked but the wildlife love them.


The Evening Primrose has started blooming again with it’s pretty yellow flowers. I will pick the blossoms again and soak them in light mineral oil, After about two weeks the blossoms can be removed and I will have a nice healing oil for the skin. Evening Primrose oil is touted as having restorative properties for the hair and skin. I will admit to welcoming any help I can get. :))


This is Golden Oregano, a perennial herb I planted a few years ago. I cut back most of the plant this summer and dried it out to use as a spice. It’s a great herb for pasta sauces, eggs and meat. It adds a kick of flavour and has a wonderful strong pungent smell.

Oregano is still growing even after I cut it back. I will be able to dry and use more of the plant soon.

To dry the long stems with the leaves, simply microwave for a couple minutes. I only use the dried leaves by stripping them from the stems, and crushing to a fine texture.


St, John’s Wort grows wild around the property waiting to be picked, dried and made into a tea. It can be used to relieve depressive moods and anxiety.I did try it a few years ago and maybe will dry some of the blooms again ~ one never knows when it will come in handy.


Grandmother’s flowers(Pink Mallow) bloomed and faded. I cleared the dead stalks away and like a Phoenix the plants rose up and started blooming again.


The Coneheads or Black-Eyed Susans are still in full bloom, They keep their blooms late into Fall.


Checking out some of the plants, I disturbed a little woodpecker, the yellowbellied sapsucker. The bird stopped his pecking and high-tailed it to the top of a standing dead tree.


It’s time now to make sure the little hummers leave for the South before the weather gets colder. I haven’t seen any hummingbirds today. Bringing in the feeders will encourage any stragglers to migrate.


Under the Hummingbird feeder, a spider had decided to make a large web underneath. The spider decided not to appear.

I will close my Sublime Sunday with a #funkyedit, hosted by @krazypoet, of the spider web.


Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Photo & Text by @redheadpei

Thanks for visiting with me on my Sublime Sunday. 💕 Have a blessed one.🙏

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