Autumn Equinox


Welcome to the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemishere.

I couldn’t let it pass without a mention.

Fall is settling in with the cooler, longer nights and shorter days. It’s taking longer for the sun to warm up the earth each morning but the days are lovely.

Here comes the sun early this morning making finger shadows through the trees.


With the onset of Autumn, Covid-19 still casts a dark shadow over the planet and the pandemic doesn’t seem to be going away. It’s another season with wearing masks and social distancing restrictions.

85% of the population on the Island have been vaccinated against Covid-19 but when the children started back to school, many younger ones (12 years and under) had tested positive for the virus and lockdowns were reinstated. There has been news of Pfizer being used in less dosage as a vaccine for children.

Anti-vaccinators’s protests are still going on but it’s come to the point that without proof of vaccination one cannot travel outside their province and go into a lot of establishments, shops and bars.

Enough about the pandemic..let’s keep our face towards the sun.

As the morning progresses the sun became stronger and longer shadows were cast.


The rays from the sun soak up the heavy morning dew.


The red, orange and rust of the leaves on the deciduous trees reflect in the pond at the bird sanctuary.


Canadian geese hanging around at the nearby bird sanctuary. Many may soon be seen in the sky forming a V-shape heading south but some may stay all winter if there is a food supply.


The many blueberry fields seen throughout the countryside add wonderful crimson colors to the landscape.


The berries left on the mountain ash tree are food for the birds during the winter.


This has been a great Fall for apple growers. Apples are plentiful and the orchards are pretty to see with the red and green apples.


Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

All photos by @redheadpei

Keep well and safe and enjoy the beauty of the Autumn season.



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