Thoughtful walk to the beach

Today I went to the beach. I sat down to feel the sea breeze and watch the waves and I realized that the waves are like our emotions. Have you seen how the wave begins to form, just as we begin to feel something within us after a certain situation, which grows to reach its peak, breaking in strength ... and over time, it dissipates, just as the wave of the sea. There are some bigger than others. Some that don't even break and others that break more than once because they are bigger or have more strength. At the same time that a surfer was passing and Pedro asked: β€œwhat about this surfer?”. We are the surfer ... who is on our board constantly feeling the waves, that sometimes we surf the wave, other times we are afraid of it and we cannot face it. Other times we are swallowed and hurt, or we can surf until the end and we are proud at first ... or else, it is already so easy for us, that we do not even realize that we do it so well until a bigger wave comes that leaves us to shake.


Isn't that the case with emotions?

I increasingly love this theme of emotions and I struggle to stop demonizing them, however terrifying they may seem - and they are often. It is not easy to deal with emotions, it is not always easy to regulate what we are feeling in the immediate moment and that is what makes us human. There are days that we are completely swallowed by them, others that we feel in balance or even victorious. Like the surfer who goes to the sea, practice is what will make us stronger. But for that, we need to FEEL.



I hope it made your day a little better.
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Love, @rafaeleff15


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