amazing /scary/ pumpkin story


I love pumpkins, that is a fact. Especially I love them in September-October, when pumpkins become a seasonal food. Among my fave receips are the pumpkin cream-soup, Tatten sisters' sweet pumpkin pie, millet rice porridge with pumpkin...


But most of all I love just looking at them and touching them!
Let me tell you a story that happened to me 14 years ago...

Was it Trick or Treat? Probably, both! In the autumn we bought several pumpkins, and over time we consumed all of them, except for one. No, we have not forgotten it, it was just sitting on a windowseal waiting for Its Starry Hour, which arrived on January 5 (two days before the day when we celebrate Orthodox Christmas, but this is a coincidence).

All in all, when I cut the pumpkin... I was very surprised. No, that word is not correct .... surprised? dumbfounded? did not believe my own eyes? all of abovementioned and more.

The seeds came to life and began to Live Their Lives!!!!


I never seen anything like that. Actually, this is the end of the story. (Yes, this is a very short story, and I don't have a huge number of photos from different angles to illustrate the post...)

This story doesn't have a happy ending. All those sprouts... we killed them, every single one of them. None of them fulfilled their life purpose - despite the huge will to live that we witnessed.

If you are prepared to listen carefully to the further development of the plot, then I am sorry that I have to disappoint you. But of course I have many other pictures of pumpkins, and there are different stories associated with them.

One of the pumpkins - three years ago, I think - survived until February, and we still hadn't started using it, and then it...exploded! Kidding. No, she took revenge on us in a different way: she turned into a sticky sweet syrup, which is slow, and most importantly silent! without warning, secretly! - began to run off, filling the surrounding area, and soiled / ruined several good things, including lace curtains and a stack of beautiful lilac "verger" paper that was stored near the windowsill. Well, then I was not at all up to photographing, I can’t show anything except the story itself ... however, this is a completely different story.

And the terrible withered pumpkin that you see on the cover of my post was mummified without causing any disastrous consequences. (This copy was from 2021). Therefore, I had time to calmly photograph her outlook, reminiscent of a human head dried by cannibals ...


( Doesnt it look scari?!! )

...and the inside, in which the same pumpkin seeds peacefully dried up (later we planted them in our garden at our village).


OK, so as not to end on such a spooky note - here for you are some more pleasantly looking and tasting orange October pumpkins.

Have a Happy Halloween, Hive!


All images taken by me, copyright (c) @qwerrie
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