Wednesday Walk - A Glorious Spring Day With Lots of Feathered Friends...

With Spring time I wake up to the song of the birds and the sun painting the tree tops gold.

With the leaves just beginning to unfurl there is a freshness in the air and I love that fresh green coloring as the first flush of leaves appear.

Walking Bruno By First Flush of Green in Trees

walking Bruno down road lined with fresh green leaves.JPG

Since this is the breeding grounds for many songbirds there is a multitude of birds making the forest and air alive!

One of the bird songs I love is that of the white throated sparrow and I captured one calling from the poplar tree. Other sparrows were in the grass looking for food.

Close Up White Throated Sparrow in the Grass

close up white thoated sparrow in the grass.JPG

Listen in to the call of the white throated sparrow...

We are having flocks of purple finches around our place this year which was the first time I've seen so many.

Look at these cute fellows...

Close Up Cute Female Purple finch

close up cute female purple finch on branch.JPG

Look at the hairdo on this fellow...

Close Up Male Purple Finch Having a Bad Hair Day

close up male purple finch head feathers raised.JPG

Side View of the Male Purple Finch

close up male purple finch side few.JPG

These red colored birds were a perfect match to the red in the opening catkins of the poplar tree.

Male Purple Finch Perched Among the Red Catkins of the Poplar Tree

close up male purple finch by red catkins on poplar tree.JPG

Have a listen in to these frisky fellows flitting around the poplar tree...

Another handsome fellow found among the poplar catkins was the evening grosbeak.

Close Up Evening Grosbeak Behind the Poplar Catkins

close up grosbeak behind red catkins on poplar tree.JPG

This grosbeak was sunning himself in the pine trees showing off his beautiful yellow coloring.

Male Evening Grosbeak With His Brilliant Yellow Breast

close up male evening grosbeak perched on pine branch.JPG

Here's a little guy I hadn't seen around before - a thrush. I'm not sure which type of thrush it is. If any of you birders out there know please share.

Close Up Thrush in the Grass

close up thrush in grass.JPG

Front View of Thrush

close up front view of thrush.JPG

The robins were all settled in nesting and often would give me heck if I came to close. This fellow was trying to divert me.

Close Up Perky Robin on the Straw

close up robin on straw.JPG

Another Robin Stretching It's Wings

close up robin on branch wings and tail spread.JPG

Something we just started seeing the last few days were large flocks of snow geese heading north. They would fly right over our house.

Large Flock of Snow Geese Flying North

large flock of snow geese in flight.JPG

Close Up of the Snow Geese Flying in V formation

close up flock geese flying in v.JPG

Listen in to this flock as it flew over head..

The Canada Geese nest in this area so we mostly saw them in pairs like this pair who flew right overhead when I was in a gully by the hilltop.

Close Up Pair of Canada Geese in Flight

close up pair of canada geese in flight.JPG

Close Up Canada Goose Beak Open Honking

close Canada Goose in flight.JPG

This pair of Canada Geese we saw for the first time at the pond by the road we walk up were upset to have me stop to look at them and they let me know it - listen in...
You can also hear the Spring peepers in that video.

Here's someone else who was giving me heck - a cute little squirrel

Close Up Squirrel Mouth Open Chirping At Me

close up squirrel in spruce tree mouth open.JPG

It was funny this little guy came running right at me when I was kneeling down trying to get a photo of the ducks in the pond. I saw him scurrying in the grass and I thought he would run away when I pointed my camera at him but instead he ran towards me until he realized I wasn't moving so he side skirted to a young spruce tree where he commenced giving me heck for being in his territory. Listen to him...

I soon let that fellow be and headed home after another photo adventure day!

Bird images are for the #FeatheredFriends community hosted by @melinda010100

This is my #WednesdayWalk hosted by @tattoodjay go check out his latest post here. He collaborates with @elizacheng and her #MakeMeSmile initiative see her latest post here


Also my Amazing Nature Contest May 2021 #2 entry. See details here

The photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

Thanks for stopping by!

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