A Beautiful Sublime Sunday - Scenes From Our Winter Wonderland From Early Morning Light Until the Setting Sun

One thing I appreciate with our shorter days is that I'm seeing more of the rising sun and the setting sun.

Right now just before I leave for work the sun is rising then I can catch the sun setting on my way home from work. We are fortunate that our town is situated on Cowan lake and we can drive down main street right to the dock where some beautiful sunsets can be seen. I've got a couple of photos to share but it's been very cold so I didn't linger long out in the open.

Looking Down the Frozen Cowan Lake at the Sunset Behind the Trees

viewing sunset looking down snow covered Cowan lake past bullrushes and reed grass at edge.JPG

Looking From the Dock on Cowan Lake to the Beautiful Sunset

sunset looking from snow covered dock.JPG

Cowan lake has an interesting history as it is a man made lake created from a river that needed to be deepened and widened to be used to float the logs down to the lumber mill. They put a dam at the one end of the newly formed lake to do this and they had a tug boat to move the logs plus men who were log rollers bringing the logs in. Now the roads are well built up and the logs are trucked into the mill.

Here is a video of the log rollers which is from the Ottawa valley but the scenes of the log drivers are similar to what would have been seen here on the Cowan Lake

Back to some more scenes from our winter wonderland...

Early Morning Sun Just Rising Above the Tree Tops Partially Hidden By Clouds

clouded sun behind snowy trees around pond.JPG

The sun sits low in the sky this time of year behind the tree line. With openings in the forest we get short periods of sunlight shining directly into the yard. I'll often go for a walk to the front of our lane where our neighbor's field creates an opening just to catch some ray!

View From the Deck of Sun Low on the Horizon Highlighting Trees Along Trail to the Neighbor's

looking down rail of fense on deck to tsnowy tree lined trail to neighbors.JPG

Sunlight Shining Through Spruce Trees Picking Up the Frost on the Willow Tree Branches

sunlight through spruce hitting frosted poplar branches.JPG

I like to play with the creative picture setting on my camera to see what sort of images it will create. It made an interesting shot of the same view from the image above.

Creative Shot of That Same View of the Sun Highlighting the Frost on the Willow Branches

filtered image of sunlight through spruce hitting frosted poplar branches.JPG

Another Image of the Sunlight Playing on the Snowy Branches

sunlight highlights snowy branches of spruce trees.JPG

When I go out to the open fields to catch some sunlight I often find my neighbor's horses there. Today the sun was partially hidden by the clouds but the horses came over to greet me.

Our Neighbor's Black Horses Stand Out Against the Snow

winter scene 2 horses at fence.JPG

That's it for this beautiful sublime Sunday. I'm hoping many of you were able to take in some of the beauty of nature in what ever season you are experiencing.


This is my Amazing Nature Contest November 2020 - #04 entry. Details here

Big shout out to @ace108 for running the Beautiful Sunday tag every week supporting the accounts. Also to @c0ff33a for the Sublime Sunday tag for your random Sunday posts!

The photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

Thanks for stopping by!

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