A Beautiful Sublime Sunday - Bright Fall Colors Interesting Skies

This time of year I just can't get enough of the beautiful Fall colors! I captured some to share with you for it won't be long when the winds come and blows them away. Up in the sky there was some interesting displays too.

Come have a look...

Fall Paints the Birch Leaves a Brilliant Yellow

bright yellow on birch tree fall colors.JPG

Firey Fireweed Beneath the Yellow of the Birch Tree

fall colors on fireweed under birch.JPG

I love the contrast the evergreens give to the brightly colored deciduous trees!

Bright Yellow Lilac Bushes Stand Out Among the Various Greens in the Background

bright colors of yellow on lilacs contrast green of spruce.JPG

Young Green Pine Tree Peering through the Bright Yellow Poplar Tree Leaves

light green of young pine tree peeps through bright yellow of fall colored poplar leaves.JPG

Road Lined With Bright Yellow of the Poplar Trees Among the Spruce Trees

filter gives bright orange to poplar trees among evergreens by road.JPG

Line of Young Spruce Trees Among the Colorful Rose Bushes and Poplar Trees

row of young spruce with red rose bushes and yellow poplars in background.JPG

Ditch Lined With Bright Orange of the Rose Bushes

bright colors of fall on roses and small bushes in ditch with young evergreens.JPG

Up on the hill top there were some interesting clouds forming behind the fall colored trees.

Interesting Clouds Behind the Fall Colored Trees

fall colors in trees on hilltop interesting clouds.JPG

As the day was coming to an end those interesting clouds put on quite a display with the sunset!

Streak of Clouds Above the Pond Colored by the Setting Sun

looking down pond with streak of clouds above lined with colors of sunset.JPG

Skies Darken and Sunset Brightens

brilliant colors in streaks of clouds over pond.JPG

Further up the road when the sun had almost set there was one more display of color in that interesting cloud formation behind the silhouette of the trees.

Last of the Sunset Coloring the Streak of Cloud Behind the Tree Silhouettes

streak of clouds over evergreen trees highlighted with pink of the sunset.JPG

The evening sky bought an interesting display of the moon with slight clouding and still some color showing on the tree leaves.

Moon Shining Behind the Fall Colored Tree Leaves

half moon behind branches some have a bit fall colors.JPG

Something else that caught my attention was the bright morning star that I believe is Venus. I got a close up of it and just like the other close up I got of a bright star there is a darker circle in the middle, I wonder what that is?

Is there any star gazers out there that could help me with that?

Close Up of Bright Morning Star Believed to be Venus

bright morning star pehaps Venus.JPG


This is my Amazing Nature Contest September 2020 - #04 entry. Details for the contest here

Big shout out to @ace108 for running the Beautiful Sunday tag every week supporting the accounts. Also to @c0ff33a for the Sublime Sunday tag for your random Sunday posts!

The photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

Thanks for stopping by!

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