Taobat amazing Nature of pakistan

Taobat pakistan is the last area of ​​Neelum Valley. Beyond that is Deosai and Indian-occupied Kashmir. Taobat is the place from where the river Kishan Ganga enters the borders of Pakistan.
After entering Pakistan, Kishan Ganga is called Neelam river.


It takes about 3 hours to get from Kiel to Taubat Jeep ... although it is a very dangerous uphill and downhill road.
As it is, I think the only way to reach this paradise valley is by jeep. There is a long journey from Muzaffarabad to Tibet which can take ten to twelve hours.


As well as being a tourist destination of Neelum Valley, Sharda is an airy and beautiful place. Apart from Muzaffarabad, one can also reach Sharda via Kagan via Dara Noori Nar. Every possible facility is available for tourists coming from far and wide to stay in Sharda. From here all areas of Neelum Valley including Ta Butt can be easily reached.
The journey from Sharda to Keel to Butt takes only five to six hours. The whole route is full of sapphires and dense forests. The weather is pleasant and there are mountain rivers, streams and countless waterfalls everywhere. Moments attract tourists. The real beauty of the Neelum Valley begins beyond the nail.









The forests here are indescribably dense. Numerous waterfalls cascade along the way and the deep flowing Neelam River is very clear. Between Kail and Taubat there is Jan Wei, Sardari and Helmat.
When it reaches the butt, the sapphire goes away. It is replaced by a clear river and high green forest in the background. It is a few minutes walk from a beautiful wooden bridge over the river to reach the banks of the Neelam River, which is an easy distance to the Neelam River through a few wooden houses, fields and a dirt road.

Is... Decorated with colorful flowers and grass carpets, this riverbank is a perfect place for camping and relaxing in the form of a flat and up and down field. Far from polluting the nerves with peace of mind and refreshing air, refreshing sounds of river water and the chirping of birds, Butt has all the features that permeate human emotions.





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