Some first new visitors.

A sign that Spring season is on it's way.
The first Fruit Chafer has arrived after they have disappeared for months.

Yes our winter season is on its way out, but as usual it will still refuse to leave early and will be ended towards the middle of August.
The sun is also slowly starting to move to its summer position on the mountain tops and it's amazing to see the distance that that the sun travels between the two seasons of summer and winter.
I digress and let's have a look at our two first visitors.

I found the Fruit Chafer (Pachnoda sinuata) near our back door and placed him here in our garden.
Eventually when he felt it was safe, he opened up.

Slowly he started to walk and it seemed that he was immediately looking for something to eat.
I didn't call Marian, as she would try to feed him the squirrels peanuts.

A beauty with that yellow eye brows methinks.
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Coleoptera
Family: Scarabaeidae
Genus: Pachnoda
Species: P. sinuata (Fabricius, 1775)


Finally here we also have a first new visitor. The Cabbage Butterfly.

The large white is common throughout Europe, north Africa, and Asia to the Himalayas often in agricultural areas, meadows and parkland. It has managed to establish a population in South Africa and in 1995 it was predicted to spread to Australia and New Zealand.

For more on this butterfly click here Source

Like most of the other countries we have thousands of different species in South Africa. Many of them can damage farming crops and many others are actually quite necessary to have around, in order to control pests. Yet others are pollinaters and beneficial in other fauna and flora situations. Sadly this one called the Cabbage Butterfly can damage crops severely and they are not loved by farmers.

I suppose it's the same in life as some of us are bad and others are good.

And That's All folks.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

We hope that you liked the pictures.

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