Now this is what I regard as true beauty.

Some shots here of the East and West on the same day at the same time.

Now how can one beat the blues above the ocean towards the west.
I was so surprised to see the colors that my camera allocated to the shots.

We were out waiting at the doctor's rooms, as Marian had gone inside to fetch some paper work and I never wait in the car. I saw some of the sights on the road, as the east was dark and the west was light.
The doctor's rooms were in a building on a high hill and I took all of the landscapes on the zoom.
Come and see.

Here we can see the beachfront at the west topped by a train of blue clouds with interesting patterns in them.

Now here's a look at the east and the clouds were dark and angry.

An interesting discovery was that the raptor was cruising the dark side, as he knew that the little animals would think that rain was coming and he could catch one as they scurried to their hiding places.
There were no birds at the clear western side.

The storm clouds were driven by a strong wind and it drove the clouds right over the the other side of the mountains, so we had no rain.

But my favorites were the blue patterned clouds at the west.

Finally a look at the northern side of the bay.

Always such a pleasure to watch the beauty of nature and some of these photos looked like paintings. Of course no one can paint like the Master creator and the work of his hands continues to amaze me.
Like I have said before, not one day here is the same and every new day arrives with its own store of surprising beauties.
We hope that you have enjoyed the beauty here.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

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