Just Another Day At The Park

     There are many places a person can park to gain access to the pedestrian path. I prefer to park at the ends. One end provides a nice view of the lake while the other brings you to the picnic area.

     Today, I chose the lake-view parking. This is the sight from my vehicle...


     Then I turned towards the pedestrian path and saw this...


     The large lawn area was being used as a lounge by dozens of geese and seagulls. The lawn wasn't the only thing being used as a lounge though.


     Many were just sitting on the path itself. I had to walk very carefully through this gauntlet of geese. Not because of the geese, themselves. They are so used to humans that they don't give a fuck. In fact, I was curious to see how they would react to me walking towards them.

     No, I had to be careful where I stepped because of all the goose shit everywhere. And goose shit is nasty stuff.

     As I approach them, the geese that were standing didn't really react to me. The goose you see sitting(on the right side of the picture) simply stood up and casually walk to the left side. As did another that was sitting just beyond it. I didn't even have to ask. Polite geese.

     After successfully making it through the fecal zone, I was greeted by these two...


     The beginning part of the pathway was very busy on this day. It's also the part that takes you close to the water. Here you'll often see many geese and some ducks...



     I don't just come here to see nature. I also hope to get some walking in. Sometimes I have to force myself to put the camera down or I might not. Of course, there will be plenty of photographic opportunities along the way.







     They say it's good to have your ducks in a row. But, what do they say about having your geese in a row?...


     Get a gander at these geese...


     On a typical visit to this park, I'll walk for just over 4 miles. I know that because I usually walk a little bit past this marker before turning around...


     The view is a little different walking back to my vehicle. It's not always pleasant, though. Like this alien-looking thing. I wasn't brave enough to venture too close...


     As I stated earlier, the geese here don't give a fuck. Which is great for some cool photos. Just look at the layering of their feathers. No wonder they like colder climates...



     Every time I walk by one particular area I look for what might be my favorite bird. The Cedar Waxwing. They like to hang out by the shoreline because the bugs are plentiful there. Luckily, I saw one on this day! It's such a cool-looking bird...





     If you need a rest, there are plenty of benches all along the path. These two benches provide a nice view. That's the city of Syracuse in the background. On the left, just above the tall bush, you can see the white, curved roof of the Carrier Dome...


     No trip to the lake is complete without a seagull sighting. Why do they always look pissed-off?...


     Looks like I picked a great day to go. Everyone was there enjoying the day...including this rabbit...


     As I walked by one bench, I saw a little brown bird perched on it. This looks like a sparrow to me...



     Another common sighting here are Monarch butterflies. They love the flowers along the shore and I love filming them...




     A view of a view...


     Almost back to my vehicle. But, first, I have to wait at this goose crossing...



     Wherever we are, we are surrounded by nature. It's always trying to communicate with us. Take time to notice. #NoticeNature.

All gifs and images are my own unless otherwise stated.


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