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Hello my loving Hivers,

How are you my friends? I hope everyting are ok for you under the difficult time period. But I really know that, You are spending your golden time for increase efficiency from your side. It was only 2 months later that I had the opportunity to visit my mother-in-law's house last Sunday. Not to mention the beautiful scenery I saw in her garden at the time. The last time I went to my mother-in-law's house was last April. Since then, I have been able to observe that the garden has undergone major changes due to the ongoing climate change.


My mother-in-law's garden is beautiful with lush green surroundings. Although there were small spaces in some places, she could be seen cultivating her garden in a very attractive manner. Chili is widely grown in many home gardens in Sri Lanka. My grandmother also grows raw chilies for home consumption.


But for all these crops, organic fertilizers are more valuable than chemical fertilizers. So my mother-in-law uses natural ingredients to find organic fertilizer in abundance.


There is a huge demand for turmeric in the market in Sri Lanka from the recent past till date. So my mother-in-law planted several yellow plants in the garden. This saves a lot of money on the one hand and leads to a chemical free diet.


You already know that ginger is another spice that makes food delicious. Ginger is also said to enhance the flavor of tea. I remember my mother giving me ginger tea once a day when I was little. Glad to see ginger growing as a shrub in my mother-in-law's garden.


Gotu kola is one of the most widely consumed green leafy vegetables in Sri Lanka. They are growing as vines everywhere in the garden. We also regularly use gotu kola for leaf porridge. They have good taste as well as high nutritional value. Gotu kola is also used for the prevention of some diseases.


Not only vegetables and leaves but also fruits are planted in the mother-in-law's garden. That’s a really big advantage. Pineapple is a fruit rich in vitamin c. So I could see the pineapple plants as well as the harvest (fruits) given by the pineapple plants.


Special fruit plants such as bananas, anodes and avocados were also found in the area belonging to the mother-in-law's land. The nutritional value of these fruits is excellent. These fruits have the ability to develop the body's immune system as well as prevent various diseases. So finally I have to say that even if your garden is located in a very small space, you should always plant a vegetable or fruit plant and invest in the future.

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