A journey to a beautiful rural area with a small forest floor to bring peace to the mind as well as the body.

Hello my loving Hivers,

What's uo guys? I know everything are ok for you in this pandemic time period with your beloved once. If you are a follower of mine, you already know that for a long time I was not able to present content related to nature. Due to the quarantine curfew prevailing in our country these days, there are very few opportunities to visit the beautiful places of nature. It's very sad for me personally who loves nature. However, I do not forget to use the opportunity to see nature with even the slightest permission. So in this blog, I shared my recent experience with conneted of the nature.


Before embarking on any journey I look up at the sky. These days there are heavy raining wet zones in our country. Yesterday I decided to take a short tour of the area near my living home to enjoy some mental freedom after a while. Yesterday morning had rough sunlight with white clouds on the sky. I thought it's good for travel which I selected rural area in my state. You can see how beautiful of the cloud's pattern.


*There are also animals in this world that quench their hunger because of a tree or a vine. The forest is also home to the protection of their habitat and freedom. It also allows any animal to take shelter under its own shade, and some animals also allow free access to their roots.


Nature is the environment in which we live. Mountains, rivers, valleys, trees, vines and wildlife are all part of the environment. But some people destroy these objects in the environment. They are against the laws of the environment. Not only us but also plants and animals have the right to live. The air we breathe also comes from the environment.


When I traveled such a wonderful rural areas, my mind is going to be inspire and feel calm donw my eevery negative thoughts. Greenery backgrounds bring so many value to my eyes and brain. I can reduce my tiredness moments of busy life after connect with mother nature. If there are no humans or any dangerous situation, definitely I'm going to meditation at least five minutes.


Every plants, big trees has so much value. I can't say the amount of them. But trees creating necessary oxygen air continuously. Without oxygen we are not living on this earth. So why I most love to our mother nature.



In fact, there are many connections between man and the environment. The ecosystem also provides shade and shade. Streams, rivers and springs give us water generously. The sun gives us life as well as light. We cannot do without the environment and the environment without us.


I still see the old villagers worshiping the trees with more devotion. Worship of certain trees and vines has long been associated with supernatural powers. This custom is still practiced in some parts of the world.


While my walking, I found really beautiful plants how it's growing like as bunches. It has very similar look to ferns.


There was one species of wild mushrooms from white color. I have seen various colors of mushrooms via my travel experiences.


The consequences of the destruction of trees by some people are already being felt all over the world. Deforestation results in a lack of clean air. The water springs dry up. Animals are also an environmental factor. So we have been accustomed since childhood to preserve the beautiful environment. I urge you to think about the future of our country and work to protect the environment.

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