Nature and Well-being

It doesn’t really matter day or night, being in nature rejuvenates me. It helps me de-stress, re-think, and re-consider all the choices I have made in life. The fresh air freed me from the suffocating mundane and tedious day-to-day life. Unfortunately, I don’t always get the chance to mingle with nature. Only a rare few occasions when I had enough of my current environment.


I thought that I could live without ever seeing nature or being outside. I tried and never worked. I want to be in nature, breathing different air and please my eyes with the greenery.


A bonus would be if the place has a flowing stream or fresh clean water. Water is another element that adds a refreshing feel to my life. I love to be one with water. Whenever I came out of the water, I felt like a brand new person. Someone with a fresher perspective and ready to conquer all life challenges once more.

Even when I travel solo, nature makes me feel like I am not alone. It’s there to accompany and play with me. From the dancing trees to singing birds, they were all there with me in each of my steps.


And no matter how shitty your camera gets, flower pictures will always turn out decent. I had some awful phones in the past but whenever I captured flowers, it turned out really well. Now that I have a somewhat decent phone, the result looks the same too, beautiful.

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