She is very beautiful and also very important in life

Hi everyone's! How are you today ... Of course in a pleasant situation and conditions

Friends who always love extraordinary nature, of course you are often in the beach area in the morning. Of course! When you are on the beach when the sun is rising, you will be treated to extraordinary natural phenomena such as the sun that is showing itself to you and the nature around it.

This morning, on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, I was in good health and took the time to visit a beachside location not far from my house. I do this based on my regular outdoor sports activities. The location that I chose is a beachside which is located east of my house.

Incidentally the weather today is very friendly, aka very sunny without rain or harsh winds like a few days before today.

When I arrived at the beach, I saw an extraordinary natural phenomenon in the form of a sun rising in the eastern horizon with a combination of red sky, this was due to the influence of the sunlight itself when caught by the surrounding nature, even though the sun's rays were white however the effect of the surrounding natural reflection turns red.

This yellowish red color is not only visible on the eastern horizon, but the color spreads to all other locations such as the sea, the sky, and several other objects that impact the exposure of the morning sun itself.

The sun that looks small and is covered by some thick clouds makes the atmosphere like in a dreamland, but unfortunately at that time it was only briefly caused by the rotation of the earth which continues to rotate as a routine agenda itself.

Now, this moment has been what I have been waiting for while on the beach. Then I captured it on my personal cellphone, even though the photos were not as good as professional photographers. But this moment was captured with a makeshift cellphone camera and I didn't edit the photo, so you can see the original image in this post without any camera editing tricks.

Between the rising sun, the situation is getting sweeter when you see fishermen's activity, either leaving or who have just returned from fishing activities. Various vehicles such as traditional fishing gear (Wooden Bot and Bot Thup-thup) are pacing from various directions.

The ocean today does not rumble or hear the sound of crashing waves, the sea is very calm in its strains so that every fisherman who is working is very relaxed in carrying out his normal activities.

In between, flocks of birds were also seen passing the morning with their families to go to a very far location or across the coast of another area. The size is very far but they are able to do it and the great thing is when the afternoon they will also fly home by the same route as in the morning

This morning the seagulls have not been seen from their activities, this is because the atmosphere is still very early in the morning, it has become a habit for them when the conditions around them are white then they just appear, this is also because when the sun rises and the atmosphere the sky is still red, the small fish that are playing on the reef still hiding in their respective nests.

The sunrise is also a very extraordinary thing in coloring every nature this morning. Even though we know that the sun's rays are not red or otherwise, the natural catch effect as described above is able to change nature with a variety of colors.

My arrival today is not only to witness this extraordinary natural phenomenon, but my main goal is to get direct morning sunlight with a healthy atmosphere without air pollution that often exists in every city.

Because I understand that being on the beach in the morning sunbathing or receiving energy from the rays is one of the most healthy activities. When someone often does this at least once a week, their body will always be healthy.

Thusing, me and those of you who are in that location are very lucky because you always get healthy medicine every day for free without spending any dollars when you receive it.

Your capital is only to be diligent and always routinely in the area, so if you often feel the intake of morning sunlight, especially on the beach, your body will get tremendous benefits and even if you experience some diseases it will automatically heal by itself.

Do you know the benefits of the body when you are directly on the beach in the morning?

Or receive light nutritional intake from the sun in the morning. So, for more details, please see the table below.

OrdinalTime limit for receiving sunlightObjectBenefits
17.00 to 10.00 am (before the heat)SunriseSkin health
27.00 to 10.00 am (before the heat)SunriseStrengthens bones
37.00 to 10.00 am (before the heat)SunriseThe circulatory system becomes smooth
47.00 to 10.00 am (before the heat)SunriseImprove brain function
57.00 to 10.00 am (before the heat)SunriseIncrease body immunity
💡Reference sourcesScienceWHO

How amazing this nature is. God has provided many benefits for every creature that lives on this planet, one of which is through the sunlight in the morning. This situation is obtained by every creature for free without spending a lot of dollars, in addition to having extraordinary beauty he also has contributed to a universe that will never end.

We know the benefits that come from every exposure at any time, whether in the morning, during the day, or in the evening, we just discover it when we trace it with the knowledge or insight that you have.

May the light always be there, and always be healthy at all times. Likewise other natural phenomena that you witness, may this planet always be normal forever. Except on days determined by God the creator of this universe. Thus a brief overview of the sun rising in the morning. Hope you are entertained and enjoy it.

Jaya continues to amazingnature ...

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